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Patricia Davis Community Garden

Community Garden Plots, Garden Shares and Opportunities for the 2022-2023 Season


The Patricia Davis Community Garden is a CRA initiative to bring urban gardening to the Northwest Pompano Beach CRA district. Formerly three vacant lots totaling one-acre located in the Blanche Ely neighborhood, the Garden focuses on teaching the local community how to grow seasonal organic produce which is shared throughout the local community. In collaboration with the Fruitful Field Inc., the Community Garden has facilitated apprenticeships, local community programs and urban gardening education. As a result, this creative partnership has become an educational resource for local gardeners and students while also creating a sense of community pride and neighborly spirit. In early 2018, the Pompano Beach CRA hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Patricia Davis Community Garden.


  • CRA funds $60,000 per fiscal year for the Patricia Davis Community Garden.
  • Grants: Grow City Youth program began in the growing season with a grant from The Frederick A. Deluca Foundation ($37,000). The program ran as a paid internship for 25 youths ranging in ages 14-18 at the Patricia Davis Community Garden.
  • CRA has invested $106,546 to date for startup costs, daily operations and marketing




  • The purpose of the Community Garden is to improve people’s quality of life by providing a catalyst for neighborhood and community development, stimulating social interaction, encouraging self-reliance, beautifying neighborhoods, producing organic nutritious foods, reducing family food budgets, conserving resources and creating opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy and education.
  • The CRA contracted with The Fruitful Field, Inc. to manage the garden’s operations and programming.
  • The CRA installed the electrical for irrigation and lighting and a shed for the storage of tools and materials; all required for the garden’s operations. The improvements ensured the community has the resources it needs to maintain efficient operations as well as a productive Community Garden.
  • Since the garden’s construction and established planting, the Fruitful Field has continued to maintain the garden to ensure its overall health to keep the garden viable for the long haul.
  • The neighborhood garden was named after a Northwest CRA Advisory Committee member, Patricia Davis. Mrs. Davis was a community advocate and had a passion to see the project completed.
  • Each year, the Patricia Davis Community Garden produces over 1,000 pounds of produce.
  • The Community Garden also has twenty (20) smaller plots that have been leased by local families to be cultivated exclusively for their use.

  • The garden has become a tremendous educational resource for local gardeners and students, who are learning first-time job skills through a highly successful program called, “Grow City Youth.” The Grow City Youth program was created as a paid work-program where youth (ages 14-18) use organic urban gardening to develop life skills that will prepare them for their future in the workforce. The programs mission is to help young people in the community learn about gardening while enhancing entrepreneurial skills through work-based learning experiences and real tasks. This increased responsibility provides a strong foundation for a career in any field.

  • Produce from the garden is not only sold at the weekly Pompano Beach Green Market, but 40% of the harvest is donated to families in need through programs with the E. Pat Larkin Center, Blanche Ely High School Culinary Program, the Blessings Food Pantry and Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen.
  • The Community Garden produces seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit trees. Social community events are held focusing on education, gardening and healthy eating & cooking.


  • Additionally, the garden provides dynamic hands-on opportunities people of all ages to include training as well as volunteer and employment opportunities.
Community Garden
Community Garden