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Ali Cultural Arts (“Ali”)

Ali Cultural Arts Building

Brief Description

On November 5, 2015, the Ali opened as a cultural facility dedicated to the celebration of the history and culture of the African American community in the City of Pompano Beach, and as a venue focusing on the incubation of performing arts organizations. The Ali provides local access to cultural activities such as dance, music, and the spoken word including poetry, storytelling, and theater. The partnerships, interactive activities and cultural arts programming, have created a presence in the community making the Ali Cultural Arts an innovative cultural hub.

How it Happened

  • After years of sitting vacant, the CRA assisted the City in acquiring the treasured Ali building. The goal was to transform the building into a cultural facility to bolster the presence of culture in the City, but also retain and represent the northwest community heritage and its history.
  • After over a year in court, the CRA successfully obtained title to the property.
  • After multiple community meetings, the uses within the building were defined and renovation of the space began.
  • Staff was hired to manage the center.
  • Management of the facility was placed under the City of Pompano Beach Cultural Arts Department October 2018.

Articles and Press Releases