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Downtown Pompano

Brief Description

The Future Downtown is Pompano Beach’s vision of creating a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly, urban, mixed-use area by attracting a combination of business, technical, corporate, government, hospitality, education and cultural uses. Following a “Smart City” concept that considers the physical and technical integration of people and places, Downtown will become a hub of activity. The CRA and City own over 30 acres of prime real estate with I-95 frontage at the Atlantic Boulevard exit. The area was rezoned as a transit-oriented district enabling higher density in close proximity to transit operations. At present, an ITN (Invitation to Negotiate) was issued to select a Master Developer for the Future Downtown. There are two shortlisted respondents who presented their vision for the new downtown in a public input workshop sponsored by the CRA and City. The ITN Negotiating Team will begin negotiations with the two respondents in May 2023.

Join the City of Pompano Beach and CRA for a Dynamic Panel Discussion with the South Florida Business Journal

The City of Pompano Beach and the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) are hosting the South Florida Business Journal’s Breaking Ground Roundtable moderated by Real Estate Editor, Brian Bandell. The Roundtable is a discussion forum for South Florida’s prominent builders, developers and corporate real estate leaders. These discussions bring together the region’s leading industry experts to discuss commercial real estate news within core verticals and specific geographic neighborhoods throughout South Florida.

Three industry experts will accompany Brian at the Roundtable: Adam Adache, Managing Partner of Cavache Properties and Owner of Adache Group Architects and Real Estate; Corey Long, Vice President of Construction for The Cordish Companies; and Nick Perez, Condominiums Division President for Related Group.

Advanced registration through the South Florida Business Journal is required

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South Florida Biz Journal Panel Discussion

Downtown Master Developer Public Workshop Presentations

The City of Pompano Beach and the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) hosted a public workshop on May 3rd which featured presentations by the two short-listed Master Developers who responded to the Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) issued by the City and CRA to select a Master Developer for the Downtown. Links to the presentations are below.

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The City and CRA will Host a Downtown Public Workshop on May 3rd, 2023

The City of Pompano Beach and the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) will be hosting a public workshop featuring presentations by the two short-listed Master Developers who responded to an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN). The meeting will take place on Wednesday, May3rd at 5:30 p.m. at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center which is located at 50 West Atlantic Boulevard.

“We are looking forward to introducing these Master Developers to our residents, business owners, and stakeholders,” said Nguyen Tran, CRA Director. “This Workshop will provide an exciting opportunity for the public to view each proposer’s plan for the Downtown, while providing input about the specifics of each plan.”

The CRA hired globally acclaimed real estate firm CBRE as the exclusive agent to broadly market the opportunity and analyze responses for a Master Real Estate Developer for the +/-75.38-acres of publicly-owned land assemblages along the I-95 corridor. The Master Developers will be announced at the meeting, not prior. After the public input meeting, the ITN Negotiating Team will begin negotiations with the two respondents. This is typically a lengthy and complex process; therefore, the final award date cannot be estimated at this time.

Downtown Pompano Beach includes four quadrants: The Old Town District, also known as Old Pompano; The Civic Commons District, which includes City Hall, the library, and Cultural Center; the Innovation District, with MLK Boulevard as the “main street” between Dixie Highway and I-95; and a residential area.

Located in Broward County between Palm Beach and Miami Dade Counties, Pompano Beach is looking to capture the influx of new development interest flocking to the State of Florida. With land assemblies ranging in size from +/- .2 – 8.35 acres, the large amount of acreage is a unique opportunity to build on the foundation the City and CRA have laid for development of the new Downtown. A commuter rail stop is planned in the middle of the Downtown area and will connect the four intersections of Downtown where redevelopment is already occurring. Two new luxury apartment projects, restaurants and cultural buildings were all drawn to the area based on aggressive public investment by the City and its CRA. The public investments included a new $50 million beachfront, garage and pier, a $180 million bond for citywide public improvements, land use and zoning upgrades, infrastructure and streetscape improvements, and entitlements and availability of land for residential, hotel and commercial development.

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As Pompano Beach booms with change, it’s paying off with rising values

By Amber Bonefont

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Feb 21, 2023 at 7:06 pm

Beach Photo
Beachgoers walk the recently developed area near the Fisher Family Pier on Pompano Beach on Tuesday. The redeveloped area has seen its share of multimillion-dollar properties whose values keep soaring. (Amy Beth Bennett/South Florida Sun Sentinel)

POMPANO BEACH — New restaurants and businesses have changed the face of Pompano Beach’s beachside, bringing more visitors from across the region and a sharp rise in property values. Now, the city is now turning to its downtown area as it keeps focusing on redevelopment.

During a presentation Tuesday, officials talked of the city’s growth — and ways to bring revenue through development efforts in the downtown area. Urban planner Joe Minicozzi also noted the rising values that have resulted from redevelopment so far. Among the takeaways: The Pompano Beach Fishing Village now has a value of about $6.5 million an acre — significantly more than in 2013, when it was at $1.6 million per acre, according to numbers from the presentation.

Pompano Beach is already seeing a boom in its downtown with new restaurants such as South Bar and Kitchen on 165 NE 1st Ave and Papamigos at 44 NE 1st St. All have been added to the Old Town District area, along with a 282-unit apartment complex. At the same time, the Innovation District, another of the districts in Pompano’s downtown located between Dixie Highway and I-95, is undergoing plans to become a walkable, mixed-use area.

It was with that in mind that Minicozzi, founder of consulting firm Urban3, gave a presentation that touched on opportunities for Pompano Beach and how to best use land to bring economic value to the city. “There has been some growth in your values as far as the return you are getting,” Minicozzi said during the presentation.

The city is now turning its eye to the downtown, often seen as the area bordered by I-95 on the west, Dixie Highway on the east, Atlantic Boulevard on the south and Northwest Sixth Street on the north after having invested millions toward making the beachside of Pompano Beach a destination for residents and snowbirds alike.

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Panel Discussion with Joe Minicozzi following Urban3’s Presentation

Discover How Downtowns Fuel the Community


The Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is proud to host two free presentations by acclaimed urban planner Joe Minicozzi, founder of the award-winning consulting firm Urban3. Known for his informative yet entertaining approach to explaining complex economic development issues, Minicozzi will address the City’s fiscal health, with a focus on the value of the new Downtown. Join us Tuesday, February 21st at 1:00 p.m. at City Hall located at 100 W Atlantic Boulevard or at 6:00 p.m. at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center located at 50 W. Atlantic Boulevard when Mincozzi will be joined by a high-profile panel of experts.

The presentation at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center will feature a panel of leading experts including Dennis Bedley, Broward County Market President, SeaCoast Bank; Former Chairman and CEO of Legacy Bank; Barbara Blake Boy, Executive Director Broward County Planning Council; Dave Coddington, Sr. Vice President Business Development at The Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance; Paul Lambert, President Lambert Advisory; Jean McIntyre, President and CEO Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce; and Kona Gray, Principal EDSA. The panel will be moderated by Tommy DiGiorgio, Chair of the Economic Development Council and Kim Briesemeister, Principal RMA.

While Minicozzi’s award-winning analytical tools have garnered national attention in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Planetizen, Planning, New Urban News and more, he is also known for presentations that engage all members of the community.

“We’ve found that whether it’s mapping road infrastructure, impervious surfaces, or value per acre, there is power in leveling the playing field. Information equity means allowing the whole community access to the same apples-to-apples data and arming them with the ability to make smarter decisions for the long haul. In my work, it means ensuring that a sixth grader and a PhD in Economics should both be able to understand their community’s economic health,” stated Minicozzi in a Strong Towns article.

Joe Minicozzi holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami and a Master of Architecture and Urban Design from Harvard University. In 2017, he was recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential Urbanists of all time. Before moving to Asheville, North Carolina, he was the primary administrator of the Form-Based Code for downtown West Palm Beach, Florida.

Click the video to view a three minute explanation by Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 about his methodology for analyzing a city’s land use to maximize economic value and productivity for the community.

Expert Panel

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CBRE Presentation

View Presentation - 4.19.22

Groundwork Laid for the New Downtown

  • A 2010 land use and zoning amendment was completed for a transit oriented development designation
  • A $12 million investment in streetscape and infrastructure in Old Town, along MLK Boulevard and around the Cultural Center
  • A master drainage district has been formed to allow for shared drainage amongst multiple parcels and buildings
  • Development of anchor parcels including Ali Cultural Arts center, 731 Building, City Vista residential project
  • Over 30 acres of assembled land available for redevelopment
  • Annie Adderly Gillis Park renovations totaling $1.4 million completed, providing an urban plaza for the community
  • City Vista residential development added over 100 new residential units to Downtown
  • The Historically significant Ali and Bailey Hotel buildings were renovated into visual and performing arts cultural venues
  • An Art Trail has been developed to connect all of the cultural assets and the area in general
Innovation District

    Innovation District Waterways

    The Innovation District Waterways & Drainage

    Although the district-wide drainage has not been designed, the options include dry-retention ponds, undergrounding tanks and storage, or designing a creative solution for above ground drainage and retention. Previous discussions have included creating a one-of-a-kind storm water drainage system featuring a series of waterways that form a riverfront, a design that will enhance the public realm with its public amenities and further the City’s urban design vision. Using a “Riverwalk” concept to make up the drainage system would offer a distinct and beautiful solution to what is often an uninspiring feature of drainage infrastructure. The linear style system would eliminate the use of dry-retention ponds and allow developers to make greater use of parcels due to increased build-out capacity.

    The CRA has $3 million dollars to assist in the design and construction of an infrastructure and drainage plan. To create the urban density sought after in the Innovation District, the CRA is contemplating a model for managing drainage and storm water requirements that also creates economic and real estate value similar to the scale of the canals in San Antonio (Texas) or Amsterdam (Netherlands). This option would generate value as a visual amenity, offering scenic views from windows and creating the ambiance of river-side walking and dining. Provided the riverfront drainage system is the preferred option, the development process will be expedited by locating the Riverwalk drainage system on parcels already owned by the CRA. A depiction of the proposed Riverwalk location is illustrated in the map above.

    The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Broward County have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to continue to improve mobility from Aventura in Dade County to Deerfield Beach in Broward County for a commuter rail system along the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway. A future passenger rail station is envisioned in the Northwest District as part of the Broward Commuter Rail (BCR) system.

    How It Will Happen Schedule: 2018 - 2025

    • The solicitation for a master developer will be issued the second quarter of 2022
    • Individual parcels or multi-site sales will be negotiated with serious and experienced developers who can demonstrate financial capacity to build
    • Contracts will be approved by the CRA Board for development of the parcels
    • Permitting and development assistance will be provided by City staff to fast-track development and infrastructure

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