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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Information

The primary mission of the Pompano Beach Fire Prevention Bureau is to enforce Fire and Life Safety Codes in the city. The Bureau has three primary areas of responsibility. These three areas are as follows: Fire Inspection of Buildings, New Construction Plan Review, and Fire Investigation. For more information on these areas see below.


Pete McGinnis, Fire Marshal
100 W. Atlantic Blvd.
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
Phone: 954.786.4719

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Fire Prevention

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Fire Sprinkler

Bureau of Fire Prevention and Investigation (954) 786-4695

The requirement for retrofitting fire sprinklers in High-Rise buildings, Section of NFPA 101, has been on the books since 1998 and effective since 2002. While the dates have changed several times over the years the requirement remains the same. The requirement is as follows:

  • All High-Rise buildings (75 Feet or Greater) must be protected throughout by an approved, supervised automatic sprinkler system no later than December 31, 2019.
  • An automatic sprinkler system shall not be required where every dwelling unit has exterior exit access. Exit access shall be permitted to be by means of any exterior balcony, porch, gallery, or roof that conforms to the requirements of NFPA. The long side of the balcony, porch, gallery, or similar space shall be at least 50 percent open and shall be arranged to restrict the accumulation of smoke.
  • An automatic sprinkler system shall not be required in buildings having an approved, engineered life safety system. This engineered life safety system must be designed by a professional engineer the specializes in fire and life safety design..

Statute 718 (Condominiums) provides further direction for buildings cited under of NFPA 101 and defines a timeline. The local authority having jurisdiction may not require completion of retrofitting with a fire sprinkler system before January 1, 2020. By December 31, 2016, a residential condominium association that is not in compliance with the requirements for a fire sprinkler system and has not voted to forego retrofitting of such a system must initiate an application for a building permit for the required installation with the local government having jurisdiction demonstrating that the association will become compliant by December 31, 2019.

Fire Inspection of Buildings

The Bureau performs annual fire inspections on all commercial and residential properties of three or more living units, as required by the South Florida Building Code (SFBC) and Florida statutes. Other activities performed include Alarm test, Flow test, Fire Alarm, Smoke Evacuation test, and Fire Pump test. These activities focus on assisting building owners in complying with fire code and life safety regulations. City Ordinance, State and County Fire Code statutes define the scope of this program.

How do I make a request to have someone from the fire department visit my home for fire safety concerns?

Please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 954.786.4695. Their public relation division will be able to help you.

New Construction Plan Review

Bureau inspectors that are assigned to Plan Review examine building plans of new construction as well as alterations to existing buildings as required by the SFBC, National Fire Protection Administration (NFPA) 101, and State Fire Marshal Rules & Regulations. They also conduct the subsequently required inspections and follow-up.

Fire Investigation

Fire inspectors also perform as investigators. They conduct investigations to determine the cause-and-origin of fires. Other agencies are sometimes called upon for assistance, e.g., the State Fire Marshal, the Broward Sheriff’s office arson teams, and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.