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Fire FAQ

Where can I get smoke detectors for my home?

Smoke detectors may be purchased at most hardware/home improvement stores. In most cases, they can be obtained for less than $ 25.00. However, your fire department may be able to help, based on a program that, on a limited basis, provides smoke detectors to families that cannot afford them. This program is very limited and is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

How do I make a request to have someone from the fire department visit my home for fire safety concerns?

Please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 954.786.4695. Their public relation division will be able to help you.

Can I get basic medical check ups at your fire department?

Our department does not provide medical checkups at this time. We recommend, however, that you call the Broward County Health Department to assist you in finding appropriate preventative medical care.

Why do firefighters visit schools?

Education is a key component of fire prevention. We want to invest resources in this area to teach and educate youngsters about fire safety.

How can I become a firefighter?

Please contact our Personnel Division at 954.786.4626. They will be glad to answer all your questions.

What is EMS Week?

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) week is a week set aside to bring awareness to emergency medical service issues. Bicycle helmet use, cholesterol check-ups, and gun safety locks giveaways are a few topics that have been addressed in past years. In collaboration with the Broward County School District, we have also conducted poster contests for local school children. Contest winners have received prizes donated by local merchants.

How do I request a fire station tour?

Please call the Fire Prevention at 954.786.4695. They will be glad to coordinate a station tour for you.

Can I call the fire department if my pet is hurt?

No, but you can contact the Pompano Beach Animal Control Unit at 954.786.4027.

Why do they call a fire station a SAFE PLACE?

SAFE PLACE is a network of voluntary refuges connecting teens to the Family Center in Broward County. Any child who is in trouble can come to a fire station for help. We will provide all necessary care as well as refer the child (if necessary) to the Lippman Family Center for further assistance.

Why do they send a fire truck when I call an ambulance?

Some types of incidents require a higher a level of care than other incidents. Depending on the nature of the incident there will be an engine equipped with advanced medical equipment and paramedics that are able to provide additional resources/care as warranted.