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Fire Training


The division conducts various annual programs for our fire department. For instance, Hazardous Materials, Infectious Disease, Driver Training, and Communication are some of the activities that were developed during the past year to enhance the skills and general knowledge of our firefighters.

Technological Evaluation

The Division is also responsible to conduct research of new and emergent technologies, in terms of their potential application to the department. They are primarily items that have just come to the market place for use by rescue organizations. An example would be the new Thermal Imaging Helmets -- a technology that can be used to enhance firefighters’ vision during rescue efforts.

In-House Education Program

Fire training officers conduct classes at the Fire Training Center, in the Fire Stations and in remote field locations. The program focuses on improving the skills and knowledge of the firefighters by bringing them the latest information regarding fire-fighting, hazardous materials, special-teams’ activities, and general fire ground knowledge.