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Fire Rescue

Fire Trucks

ISO Class 1 Fire Department

Mission Statement

Always here. Always ready.

The highly trained and dedicated members of Pompano Beach Fire Rescue provide the highest level of care and professional emergency services to our diverse community with respect, integrity and compassion.

Fire Administration

Fire Chief Steve Hudson

The Administration division's mission is to provide broad leadership in directing the organization's overall mission which is to protect life and property from fires and the threat thereof. The division is responsible for the management of the organization by focusing and investing resources in activities relating to planning, education of both the staff and the public, incident mitigation, and customer service.

Fire Chief
Steve Hudson

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Assistant Chief of EMS – Matthew Whitton

Matthew Whitton
Assistant Chief of EMS
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Assistant Chief of Operations – Matthew Aldrich

Matthew Aldrich
Assistant Chief of Operations
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Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention – Peter McGinnis

Peter McGinnis
Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention
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Assistant Chief of Training – Donald Desmond

Donald Desmond
Assistant Chief of Training
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The mission of the Operations' division is to help in the prevention of injuries and property damage from fire, accidents, hazardous materials spills/releases, and large-scale calamities.

The division is responsible for evaluating equipment and methods to improve service delivery through interaction with fire equipment manufacturers and other fire departments around the nation. This is critical insofar as having adequate information and knowledge to identify equipment and procedures, which have the potential to save lives, minimize or prevent property losses, and/or increase safety. Another key responsibility of the division is the maintenance of equipment to operate at peak performance. This includes preventive maintenance as well as repair of firefighting equipment, annual apparatus testing against acceptable performance standards, and the annual hose-testing program.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Since its emergence in the early 60s, EMS has become an integral part of hundreds of fire departments in North America. In Pompano Beach, EMS has also been a key component of the fire department's daily activities since 1975. This service provides the residents and visitors of the city with comprehensive pre-hospital care 24 hrs per day, 365 days per year. Our department was one of the original [if not the first] fire departments to provide EMS in the state of Florida.

The division provides health safety courses and advanced training for paramedics, as required by state statutes and regulations, as well as Quality Assurance programs mandated by state statute to measure the effectiveness of the delivery of service.

Office Locations

Fire Administration - 120 SW 3 Street

Fire Training - 180 SW 3rd Street
Fire Logistics - 1651 SW 5th Court, Suite #1641
Fire Prevention - 100 W Atlantic Blvd #220

Station Locations

Station 63 - 120 SW 3 Street
Station 11 - 109 N Ocean Blvd
Station 24 - 2001 NE 10 Street
Station 52 - 10 SW 27 Avenue
Station 61 - 2121 NW 3 Avenue
Station 103 - 3721 NE 12th Avenue
Station 114 - 1499 SW 36 Avenue

About Fire Rescue

PBFR Overview
PBFR Commitment
Explorer Program
PBFR Mission Statement
Organizational Chart
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Safety Information

Informational fact sheets that are provided to the public, by the United States Fire Administration. Information for fire safety and safety during and after a disaster.

After The Fire

Returning to Normal: This 16-page booklet provides information on recovering from a fire, including what to do during the first 24 hours, insurance considerations, valuing your property, replacement of valuable documents, salvage hints, fire department operations, and more

Strategic Plans

Performance Briefs