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Contact Information - Building Inspections

Main Customer Service Line 954-786-4669
Name / EmailPositionPhone
Michael RadaBuilding Official954.786.4672
Carpelo JeoboamAssistant Building Official954.786.4062
Sapphire JohnsonSecretary to the Building Officials954.786.4672
Jeffrey MassieChief Building Inspector954.786.4651
Mickey BrayChief Electrical Inspector954.786.4524
Scott MaxwellChief Mechanical Inspector954.786.4663
Thomas BennettChief Plumbing Inspector954.786.4548
Name / Email Position Phone
Jessie Olson Customer Service Supervisor 954.545.7713
Alexa Diorio Customer Service Rep. 954.545.7773
Anita Lawson Customer Service Rep. 954.786.5311
Bonnie Sibert Customer Service Rep. 954.545.7785
Gaurav Soni Customer Service Rep. 954.545.7775
Iris Holton Customer Service Rep. 954.786.4670
Joyce Grant Customer Service Rep. 954.545.7772
David Quercia Permit Services Support Coordinator 954.786.4673
Damaris Suban Permit Expeditor 954.786.7826
Jamie Burroughs Permit Expeditor 954.545.7786
Jashona McGee Permit Expeditor (Part Time) 954.786.7828
Kaitlyn Perrotti Permit Expeditor 954.786.7837
Leidy Ortega Permit Expeditor 954.786.4334
Regina Coache Permit Expeditor 954.786.7827
Sabra Cogar Permit Expeditor 954.786.7829
Christopher Feltgen Chief ePlan Technology Administrator 954.786.5592
Anthony ‘Nate’ Taft ePlan Technology Analyst 954.786.4674
Plan reviewers & inspectors
Name / Email Position Phone
Jeffrey Massie Chief Building Inspector 954.786.4651
Gene McCartha Building Plans Examiner 954.786.4199
James DeMars Building Plans Examiner 954.786.5564
Jose Encarnacion Building Plans Examiner 954.545.7812
Rodney Hight Building Plans Examiner 954.786.4675
Todd Stricker Building Plans Examiner 954.786.4570
Victoria Sim Building Plans Examiner 954.545.7797
Vesa ‘Peter’ Karttunen Floodplain Manager / Plans Examiner 954.786.5579
Adrian Nowalk Building Field Inspector 954.786.4335
Claude Coache Building Field Inspector 954.786.5528
Joseph Campbell Building Field Inspector 954.786.4366
Lawrence Janssen Building Field Inspector 954.786.5571
Lester Howland Building Field Inspector 954.786.5527
Stephen Hans Building Field Inspector 954.786.4521
Mickey Bray Chief Electrical Inspector 954.786.4524
Ellison McCrary Electrical Plans Examiner 954.786.4906
Ricardo Cuadra Electrical Plans Examiner 954.786.4549
Danny Cogdill Electrical Field Inspector 954.786.4534
James Canizaro Electrical Field Inspector 954.786.4075
Jonathan Pelaez Electrical Field Inspector 954.786.4085
Stephen Ciardiello Electrical Field Inspector (Part Time) -
Scott Maxwell Chief Mechanical Inspector 954.786.4663
Peter Mazzagatti Mechanical Plans Examiner 954.786.4915
Ed Bartlett Mechanical Field Inspector 954.786.4047
Eric Dawson Mechanical Field Inspector 954.786.4661
Jose Jimenez Mechanical Field Inspector 954.786.4650
Thomas Bennett Chief Plumbing Inspector 954.786.4548
Marvin Davis Plumbing Plans Examiner 954.786.5529
Donald Hoekstra Plumbing Field Inspector 954.786.4519
Harold Mahler Plumbing Field Inspector 954.786.4547
Jim Newland Plumbing Field Inspector 954.786.4653
Building Safety Compliance
Name / Email Position Phone
Charles Rizzuto Chief Building (Safety) Inspector 954.786.5559
Victoria Johnson Building Safety Compliance Secretary 954.545.7807
Hermine Lanauze Building Safety Compliance Officer 954.786.7831
Carlos Puentes Building Safety Inspector 954.545.7790
Kevin Shrout Building Safety Inspector 954.786.5548
Jay Olsen Building Safety Inspector 954.545.7793
records & research
Name / Email Position Phone
Tony Roberson Permit Services Support Coordinator 954.786.4069
Beverly Zink Old Delinquent Permits 954.545.7771
Kelly Grim Lien Search 954.545.7801
Mary Chick Alarm Registration, Renewal and Billing 954.786.5573