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Applications and Forms

Name Description Last Updated
Building Permit Application Uniform application for Building, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing permits 10/5/2023
Engineering Permit Application Required when work impacts Right-of-Ways, roadways, swales, etc... ---
Fire Plan Review Application Fire Prevention application detailing Life Safety features of structure ---
Tree Permit Application Tree Protection, Relocation, Removal, Land Clearing/Grubbing, and Demolition ---
Zoning Compliance Application Required when permits are reviewed by the Zoning division for compliance with City Ordinance. ---
Alarm Registration Alarm Billing Registration 2/1/2024
Change of Prime Contractor Submitted by the Property Owner when changing the Prime Contractor of a permit. ---
Change of Subcontractor Submitted by the Prime Contractor when changing a Sub-Contractor under their permit. ---
Electrical 30-Day Temporary Permit Request for Temporary Electrical Service. Must be submitted by Electrical Permit holder ONLY if Final Inspection has not passed. ---
Electric Service Turn on Request to inspect and permanently turn-on Electrical Service. ---
HVHZ Permit Application High Velocity Hurricane Zone application for Roofs and Reroofs 1/1/2024
Lien Research Request Submitted when requesting Lien and Open Records research on one or more properties.
Online Requests may be made here.
Owner Builder Affidavit To be completed by a Property Owner when submitting as a permit holder in lieu of a Licensed Contractor. ---
Revision Submittal Form Standard Revision Narrative form; required on all new Revisions submitted after permit approval. ---
Sign Code Compliance Permit Required by Zoning for details and requirements on all Sign Permits ---
Utility Connection and Capital Recovery Application Used to select and purchase Water and Sewer meter service connections ---
Name Description Last Updated
A/C Replacement Data Form County form for replacing A/C Systems, and detailing Existing and New Unit specs. ---
Building Safety Program Re-Inspection Affidavit Prepared by an Engineer or Architect when re-inspecting a Building undergoing a required Safety Inspection process. ---
Certificate of Occupancy/Completion Submittal Form Details the items being submitted as part of the Certificate of Occupancy or Completion process. ---
Easement Agreement Required when performing work in an Easement of a property (Fences or Driveways) from each Utility provider impacted. ---
Fenestration Flashing, Buck, and Mullion Installation Affidavit Required when installing new Doors or Windows, in order to certify that required flashing has been installed in compliance with referenced code sections. ---
Fire-Rated Joint and Penetration(s) Affidavit Certification that all penetrations are protected by approved Fire Rated Materials or Assemblies. ---
Flood Zone Information Details Flood Zone information of a property for New Constriction and Substantial Improvements. ---
Insulation Certificate Certifies that the Thermal Insulation installed is in compliance with the FBC and approved Energy Calculations and Plans. ---
Non-Conversion Agreement Form Non-Conversion Agreement for certain structures in the Floodplain. ---
Notice of Commencement Required to be completed and recorded with Broward County Records prior to being submitted to Pompano on eligible jobs. ---
Online Notary Amendment Required to be completed when utilizing an online Notary service instead of appearing in person to one. ---
Permit Maintenance Form Used to request a permit be withdrawn, voided or put on hold. ---
Private Provider Package Required to be submitted by Private Providers when performing Plan Review and/or Inspections instead of the Local Jurisdiction. ---
Retrofit Window & Door Schedule Lists the Window(s) and/or Door(s) being replaced, along with their design pressure ratings and Product Approval Numbers. 2/22/2024
Rooftop Mounted Equipment Affidavit Identifies all rooftop mounted equipment and is required to be submitted with the HVHZ Roofing application when applicable. ---
Roofing Affidavit for Windstorm Loss Mitigation Certifies that all Roof-to-Wall Connections are in compliance with FS 553.844 and FBC (Existing Building) 706.8.1 for Single-Family Residential structures (including duplexes), and that any required additional enhancements will be provided by a licensed Contractor to bring the roof system into compliance. 2/6/2024
Signature Affidavit Used by Architects and Engineers to Electronical Sign documents without using a Third-Party Certificate Authority. ---
Special Inspector Form Application for using a Special Inspector under a permit. 1/1/2024
Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Safety Act; Notice of Requirement Identifies which safety method(s) are being used to meet Private Swimming Pool Safety requirements. ---
Sworn Statement of Account Private Provider’s Sworn Statement that all work inspected have been completed in conformance with approved plans and required Codes. ---
Threshold Inspection Form Application for using a Threshold Inspector under a permit. ---
V-Zone Building Design and Performance Certificate For new Construction, Substantial Improvements, and the Repair of Substantially Damaged Structures in Coast Special Flood Hazard Areas. (Zone V) ---
Water Heater Replacement Form for Dwelling Unit County form for replacing Water Heater Systems, and detailing Existing and New Unit specs. ---
Name Description Last Updated
ePlan User Guide Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a permit online using ePlan. ---
Elevation Certificate & Instructions (2022 Edition) FEMA Instructions on how to complete and submit an Elevation Certificate ---
Engineers Letter for Inspection of Truss System (SAMPLE) Sample Letter for the inspections of Truss Systems. ---
Fenestration Wind Load & Roof Uplift Chart For Detached One-and Two-family dwellings and Multiple Single-Family Dwellings (Townhomes) 1/1/2024
Retrofitting Roof to Wall Connections Interpretation outlining when retrofitting Roof-to-Wall Connections are required when Reroofing existing buildings. ---
Reuse Technical Document Customer Instructions for connecting to the City of Pompano Beach Reuse Water System. ---
Signature Affidavit Guide Guide on how to create and prepare the Pompano Beach Signature Affidavit when using an Electronic Signature. ---
Special & Threshold Inspector Expectations & Standards Guidelines and submission standard for Inspection Reports prepared by Special and Threshold Inspectors. ---