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Apply for a New Permit

Apply for a New Permit

The City of Pompano Beach Building Inspections Division allows anyone to submit a permit application online, and have everything reviewed electronically. The very first step in obtaining a permit is creating a new application number. You will be asked to provide the following basic information in order to start your new application:

  1. Address of where the work is being done.
  2. The type of application you're applying for and the scope of work.
  3. Who the General or Primary Contractor is for the job
  4. The applicants contactor information, including email address.

With this basic information, we'll assign you an Application number and create an ePlan account for you to login and begin uploading documents. (Existing ePlan accounts will just have the new project added to their account.)

Step 1 - Create a new Application Number

Once you have an application number, you will be invited to login to your ePlan account to begin uploading all of the required documents for review. ePlan is where all of your drawings and documents will be reviewed, and where you will submit corrections or revisions if needed.

Step 2 - Submit Drawings & Documents through ePlan