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Garbage Collection


All food waste, discarded useless material, and refuse not suitable for recycling, is considered garbage. This does not include hazardous or biological waste which requires special handling, nor does it include household items too large to be containerized for normal collection service.

The City of Pompano Beach has garbage and recycling collection daily except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your collection day falls on one of these two holidays, Coastal Waste and Recycling will service your carts on the next scheduled service day and take any bagged material placed next to your carts at that time. There are no make-up days.

Residential Properties

Single Family, Duplex & Triplex

Residential properties have garbage collection twice a week. All materials must be placed in the gray carts provided by the City with lids closed. Material outside the carts will not be collected. Carts may be placed curbside after 5:00 p.m. on the evening before the scheduled garbage collection day and before 7:00 a.m. on collection day. Place cart in the front swale (with the lid opening facing the street and handle facing away from the street), near the driveway and away from any obstacles. Carts should not be in the street or on the sidewalk. Remove carts from the curb the same day, after the garbage has been collected.

What to Remember:

  • Only City-provided carts will be serviced; Resident-owned cans or containers WILL NOT be serviced
  • Place garbage and yard debris in the gray cart – this includes small vegetative items like coconuts, palm fronds, clippings and branches
  • Full carts must weigh less than 150 pounds
  • Set carts at least three feet away from each other, as well as three feet away from cars, trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, light poles, etc.
  • It is recommended that garbage is bagged to help keep carts clean and odor-free
Multi-Family (four or more units) and Mobile Homes

The level of service is based upon several factors (number of dwelling units, ease of access, capacity needed, etc.), multi-family properties may have cart collection service or dumpster collection service. Multi-family properties must have scheduled garbage collection at least twice a week. All garbage must be placed inside the container. The type, number, size and placement of the containers is agreed upon between the customer and the collector. If it is determined that the size of the container or frequency of collection is not sufficient and creates a nuisance, the level of service will be adjusted at the discretion of the City of Pompano Beach Environmental Services Director.


All solid waste generated within the geographic boundaries of Pompano Beach shall be collected by Coastal Waste & Recycling and disposed of as directed by the city disposal agreement. All materials shall be generated from the property on which the materials are placed for collection.

Accounts using roll carts shall have two collections per week on a regular schedule. Accounts using dumpster containers may be collected up to seven days per week with a minimum of two collections per week. If garbage is not part of the solid waste generated at a commercial establishment, collection of at least once per week will be required. All garbage must be placed inside the container. The collection containers must be stored within the building or an approved dumpster enclosure and in an easily accessible location for collection service vehicles.

More Information

For further information, call the City of Pompano Beach’s Environmental Services Department at 954.786.4030 or email Questions or concerns may also be directed to Coastal Waste Recycling, 954.947.4000