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Strategic Plan ObjectiveTarget/GoalStatus
Complete Connection of 70% of newly available single family homes70%status_icon status_icon status_icon
Expand the reuse system 2 miles per year2 miles constructedstatus_icon status_icon status_icon
Volume of reclaimed water distributed annually839 Million Gallonsstatus_icon status_icon status_icon
status_icon status_icon status_icon At or exceeding benchmark goal
status_icon status_icon Progressing toward benchmark goal
status_icon Needs improvement to meet benchmark goal

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For more information regarding reuse or the connection process, please call the Reuse Outreach & Water Conservation Coordinator, at (954) 545-7015.

OASIS Fact Sheet

Oasis Fact Sheet

View our new OASIS Fact Sheet to learn all about reuse and our simple and affordable connection process!

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Reuse water is tested for 90 parameters (all of them drinking water parameters)! Bacterial testing and solids testing are conducted daily. Continuous automated testing is also performed at the plant.

In 2021, OASIS passed 88 of 90 annual drinking water tests, OASIS water MET DRINKING WATER standards for all tests except those shown in the table below.

Reuse water also contains higher levels of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds than drinking water, which makes reduction of fertilizer use possible. All tested compounds met drinking water standards with the following exception:
AnalyteLevelDrinking Water Standard
Total Dissolved Solids688 mg/L500 mg/L
NITRITE1.9 mg/L1 mg/L
milligrams per liter (mg/L)

CCR - Consumer Confidence Report

I can Water Consumer Confidence Report

To view the Reuse Water Consumer Confidence Report(CCR), please see this document or click the image inside this box.

Distribution Area / Reuse Map

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To view the current Reuse Water Map, please click on this link or the image inside this box.

Reuse Water Questions & Answers

How can I hook up to reuse?

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For single family homeowners: just click on the link sign up for reuse, visit or call the OASIS hotline at 954-324-8434

For multifamily or commercial: Find a plumber, then call customer Service at (954) 786-4637 to apply for a meter and have the plumber call the Building Inspection Division to apply for a permit.

If you live in the City of Pompano Beach (i.e., the Pompano Highlands) but are serviced by Broward County Water & Wastewater and would like to connect to reuse water, please visit the Broward County Water & Wastewater Services page here or call 954-831-3243 for assistance.

What are the benefits of Reuse for irrigating my lawn?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduces drinking water use
  • You can water any day of the week (between 4:00 pm and 10:00 am)
  • Reuse water costs less than drinking water
  • No sewer costs for reuse water, so lower sewer costs in general
  • Decreases the need for fertilizers
  • Prevents / reduces saltwater intrusion into the drinking water wells
  • Reduces the amount of treated wastewater flowing to the ocean from the Broward County North Regional Wastewater Facility.
  • Delays additional drinking water facility upgrades.
  • Helps meet future drinking water demands

Why do we need reuse water?

Reuse allows us to reduce our dependence on the limited volumes of the Biscayne Aquifer. By using reuse water to irrigate our lawns and plants, less water is pulled from the Biscayne aquifer for drinking water. This means we protect our production wells against saltwater intrusion. The City of Pompano Beach, like other cities across the state, must have alternative water supplies (such as reuse) in place in order to obtain sufficient water withdrawal volumes to provide drinking water.

Where does reuse come from?

The water we use to produce our reuse comes from the Broward County North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. We use a portion of the water slated for ocean outfall. The more reuse water we produce, the less Broward County wastewater effluent goes into our beaches. Our reuse water is produced at the City's Reuse Plant.

How is reuse made?

The city pulls Broward County wastewater effluent, slated for ocean outfall, into the reuse plant. At the plant, the water is further filtered, disinfected and tested before being sent to irrigation customers through high service pumps.

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How can reuse be used?

The State of Florida allows reuse to be used for irrigation, cooling towers, car washing and aquifer recharge. In Pompano Beach, we currently use reuse water for irrigation. Disney washes all their buses with reuse water (except for the final rinse) and the Denver zoo uses it for many animal pools.

Is reuse safe for my family and pets?

The Florida Legislature has deemed the use of reclaimed water or reuse as environmentally friendly and not a threat to public health and safety. In Florida alone, reclaimed water irrigates 529 golf courses, 1,126 parks, and 394 schools. Our local Sample-McDougald House irrigates their fruit and vegetable gardens with OASIS reuse water. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection provided the City of Pompano Beach with the first ever variance allowing our reuse water to be sprayed on salad crops that will not be peeled, skinned, cooked or thermally processed before consumption, which speaks to the quality of our OASIS reuse water. Toilets, from which many pets drink, routinely contain more fecal coliform bacteria than our reuse water average of 0.

For more information, please see this document.

What testing is done on our reuse water?

Our reuse water is tested for 96 parameters, and all of them are drinking water parameters!

Is reuse of water a new concept?

No, nature has been recycling water since our planet's existence: the amount of water on Earth never changes. We call this a closed system. Rainwater falling today may have been in the sap of a fruit, part of a river or water vapor in another part of the world, a long time ago. In nature, water is constantly recycled or reused. Different cities in the US and countries around the world are recycling water, and with modern technology, reuse of water becomes more widespread. Keep in mind: it's the quality of the water that matters, not its history.

Will reuse water cause my car to rust?

Reuse is just another type of water and all moisture will cause rust, but no more than drinking water.

Who has reuse water in Pompano Beach?

The City of Pompano Beach has over 1,000 single-family residential homes and more than 300 multi-family and commercial properties connected to OASIS reuse in Pompano Beach and Lighthouse Point. Besides our largest reuse water user, the Greg Norman Signature Pines Golf course, other reuse water users include the Sand and Spurs Equestrian Park, the Goodyear Blimp base, City medians, schools and the Sample McDougald House with its fruits and vegetable garden.

What does your City Commission think of Oasis Reuse?

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