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Complaints: Who to Contact

Complaint TypeStaff Name or DepartmentPhoneFile a Complaint / Webpage
Animals: Dead animals in roadAnimal Control954-786-4027Link
Animals: Feral cats causing a nuisanceAnimal Control954-786-4027Link
Animals: Nuisance wildlife: raccoons, opossums, squirrelsAnimal Control954-786-4027Link
Animals: Stray dogsAnimal Control954-786-4027Link
Animals: Swarming bees or bee hivesAnimal Control954-786-4027Link
Junked car or boat on private or public propertyCode Compliance954-786-4361Link
Broken windows / house is dilapidatedCode Compliance954-786-4361Link
Traffic Lights: Signal outages, damages, or malfunctionsBroward County Traffic EngineeringEmail
Traffic Lights: School Flasher outages or damagesBroward County Traffic EngineeringEmail
Stop Signs knocked down or damagedBroward County Traffic EngineeringEmail
Graffiti or posters on traffic equipmentBroward County Traffic EngineeringEmail
Construction work without permitCode Compliance954-786-4361Link
Graffiti – all otherCode Compliance954-786-4361Link
Illegal activity / selling drugsBSO Nonemergency Number954‐764‐4357 (HELP)Link
Junk in neighbor's front yardCode Compliance954.786.4361Link
Noise: Aircraft generated from City AirportAir Park954-786-4135Link
Noise: Loud NoisePlease refer to the Noise Page
Obstructions (pyramids, large boulders, small posts) placed in right of way to discourage/prohibit parking in swaleCode Compliance954.786.4361Link
Street lights are outPublic Works954.786.4507Link
Residential Short Term RentalsBusiness Tax Receipt/Linda
Tall grass / weeds (aka my neighbor's yard is a mess)Code Compliance954.786.4361Link
Too many people living in a house / overcrowdedCode Compliance954.786.4361Link
Trash Complaint: Bulk trash set out on wrong day and Costal Waste & Recycling did not pick upEnvironmental Services954-786-4030Link
Trash Complaint: Debris in Canal or WaterwaysEnvironmental Services954-786-4030Link
Trash Complaint: Neighbor leaves trash can at street for too longEnvironmental Services954-786-4030Link
Trash Complaint: Waste Management missed picking up bulk trash or automated cartEnvironmental Services954-786-4030Link
Trash Complaints: Bulk pile too big (current policy cannot be larger than 4 Cubic yards) and Waste Management refused to pick it upEnvironmental Services954-786-4030Link