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Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking permits or tags must be properly displayed and only used when vehicle is transporting person to whom the displayed permit is issued. If the permit holder is not exiting the vehicle, then the permit may not be used.

Vehicles with marked disabled plates may park in any marked space in for free for the first four (4) hours

Parking garage:

  • A valid handicap permit or tag does NOT exempt the driver from paying parking fees
  • ADA permit holders must pay the hourly parking fee
  • Parking is available only on Levels 2, 3, or 4. Levels 1 and 5 are restricted to valet and monthly or resident parking permits.

Correct use of a disabled parking permit

  • Hang permit on your rearview mirror.
  • Hang permit so expiration date can be seen.
  • Have permit registration with you at all times.
  • Make sure permit is not expired.
  • Park properly in disabled space.
  • Remove permit before driving.
  • Get permit replaced immediately if lost.
  • Return permit to DMV if permit is no longer needed.
  • Always use YOUR OWN PERMIT ONLY.
  • Be courteous to police or parking official.

Incorrect use/abuse of a disabled parking permit

  • Don’t use someone else’s permit (including relative).
  • Don’t park in Access Aisle (Striped Area). The fine for parking in an Access Aisle is $255, even with a permit.
  • Don’t drive with permit hanging on rearview mirror.
  • Don’t use an expired permit.
  • Don’t put permit on dash with expiration date covered up.
  • Don’t let anyone else use your permit including close family members and relatives.