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Planning and Zoning

Location and Hours

City Hall Main Building
100 West Atlantic Boulevard
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060 - Third Floor

Lobby Hours Monday - Thursday 7 am - 5:30 pm
Phone: 954.786.4679
Fax: 954.786.4666


Application Process
Application Checklists

To submit any of the applications, below, click here to be redirected to a new website. For instructions on how to submit a Planning & Zoning application via Camino, view this document.. Most of the these applications can be found by following the link, and click on “Property Development Applications (Planning & Zoning Forms),” or search for the application by name (some of these applications are under “Business Applications,” or “Property Registration Forms”). Using this electronic guide, you will be able to select the appropriate form, identify the property of the proposed development (using an address or parcel number) and get information on the specific form. In order to submit the form, Applicants need to create an account (you will need a valid email address to create an account).

  • Administrative Adjustment
  • Air Park Obstruction Permit
  • Appeal
  • Community Residence / Recovery Community Certificate
  • Flex and Reserve Unit Allocation
  • Interpretation
  • Master Sign Program
  • Minor Temporary Use
  • Non-Conforming Use / Structure Certificate
  • Outdoor Music Performance Permit
  • Placement on Local Register of Historic Places
  • Plat
  • Portable Storage Unit
  • Request for Abandonment
  • Request for Rezoning
  • Sidewalk Cafe Permit
  • Site Plan and Building Design Pre-Application Conference
  • Site Plan and Building Design
  • Special Event Permit
  • Special Exception
  • Telecommunication Facility Registration
  • Temporary Use Permits (Interim Use Permit)
  • Text Amendment
  • Unity of Title
  • Variance
  • Zoning Letter Request Form
  • Zoning & Land Use Inquiry Form
  • Zoning Use Certificate
DRC Resubmittals and Initial AAC/PZB Requests

If you are resubmitting to DRC or would like to proceed to the AAC or PZB for their consideration,

Submit an eForm

Permit Applications/ Forms

Zoning Compliance Permit

Easement Agreement

Contractor Record Maintenance Form - Clicking here will redirect you to a new website. Follow the link, and click on “Contractor Registration.” In order to submit the form, Applicants only need an email address to create an account.



Broward County Development and Environmental Review Approval


Advisory Board Meeting Schedule

Historic Preservation

Comprehensive Plan

Master Plans, Studies, and Presentations

Zoning, Planning, and Sign Codes

Recently Adopted Ordinances

  • At this time all text amendments, adopted by the City Commission, have been incorporated into the City’s Zoning Code.

Zoning Code Link

Planning Code Link

Sign Code Link

Rezonings and Site Plans submitted to the City
This is an interactive map highlighting the areas of the City of Pompano Beach where development is proposed. The map allows the user to zoom in, zoom out, and pan to any part of the City. When you click on the map, a window will pop up provide a brief detail of the underlying property. The map shows the City Commission Districts and Community Redevelopment Areas (CRA) in addition to the site plans and rezonings that are proposed. Below you will find a table of the abbreviations you will encounter while clicking on the map. If you have any questions about a particular project, you can contact the Project Planner and you can reference the Project Year, Project Number, or Project Description. If you would like to view this map in a new window, by clicking here, you can turn on additional layers for projects dating back to 2010.

Updated 10/2/2023
Under Construction
In the Works

City Commission Districts
CRA Districts

Rezonings/ Land Use Amendments
Overlay Districts
Name / Email Description Phone / Fax
Zoning Inquiries Any general Zoning inquiries please call the Zoning help desk or send an email, and Staff will answer your question or direct you to the correct individual. Additionally, any question regarding the submittals or resubmittals to any of the Advisory Boards (Development Review Committee, Architectural Appearance Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals & Planning & Zoning Board) may be directed to this number. 954.786.4679
David Recor Development Services Director 954.786.4664
Martha Lawson Department Head Secretary, Zoning Board of Appeals 954.786.4629
Jean Dolan Land Use Plan Amendments, Comprehensive Plan, Community Resilience, Flood Zones Inquiries 954.786.4045
Max Wemyss Business Uses, Site Development, Planned Development Rezonings, Community Residences/ Recovery Communities, Community Resilience, Sustainability Coordinator, Flood Zones Inquiries 954.786.4671
Scott Reale Special Exceptions, Variances, Temporary Use Permits 954.786.4667
Bobby Adkins Planning & Zoning Board inquiries 954.545.7780
Gisla Augustin Zoning Compliance Permits, Zoning Use Certificates, Site Plans 954.786.4676
Maggie Barszewski Site-Specific Rezonings, Land Use Plan Amendments, Historic Preservation, Plat Applications, Vacations/ Abandonments Requests, Flex Allocation, MPO Contact 954.786.7921
Lauren Gratzer Zoning Compliance Permits, Zoning Use Certificates, Site Plans 954.545.7792
Diego Guevara Zoning Compliance Permits, Zoning Use Certificates, Site Plans 954.786.4310
Hellena Lahens Zoning Compliance Permits, Zoning Use Certificates, Site Plans 954.786.5554
Frank Manusky Development Review Committee, Zoning Letters, and Minor Building Permits 954.786.4634
Meredith Rollins Development Review Committee 954.786.4652
Ryan Skolte Architectural Appearance Committee, Site Plan and Building Design Pre-Application Conference 954.786.5578
Pamela Stanton Urban Design, Site Plans, Zoning Compliance Permits, Zoning Use Certificates 954.786.5561
Saul Umana Zoning Compliance Permits, Zoning Use Certificates, Site Plans 954.786.4662