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The City of Pompano Beach is committed to protecting and improving environmental quality; community cohesion; and shared prosperity through innovative investment in climate change resilience; resource conservation & materials management; land use & transportation; and education & culture.

Sustainability Chart

Sustainability Triple Bottom Line

View our complete Sustainability Strategy and workplan below. Our goal is to develop a formal program with a priority of cost savings, productivity gains, risk reduction, and adaptive capacity. The Workplan recommends eight phased initiatives that will advance the City’s objectives, build a strong capacity to provide social, environmental, economic and resilience benefits that are in excess of any estimated costs.

Sustainability Strategy

View the Sustainability Strategy

The City launched a new sustainability initiative concurrent with a 2019 update to the Comprehensive Plan that established a Climate Change Element. The City prepared a Sustainability Strategy that will provide a strong foundation in sustainability and resilience. The City Commission approved this approach, authorizing the strategy and workplan, in the fall of 2020.

Sustainability focus areas

Sustainability Focus Areas

Workplan Phase 1Sustainability Baseline and Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

View the Sustainability Baseline and Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

This report establishes a quantitative baseline for evaluating the City’s present sustainability performance in the six focus areas proposed for organizing the City’s efforts. Including a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory, this activity supplements the qualitative baseline developed within the Sustainability Strategy report. A comprehensive baseline is essential for establishing goals to achieve the City’s emerging Sustainability Vision.

  • Status: Completed Spring of 2021 (Funded via Florida Department of Economic Opportunity grant)
  • Primary Outcome: The City has committed to a 45% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (from the 2019 baseline year) by the year 2030.
  • Next Steps/Outcomes: The recommendations of the report will be considered for implementation by the various relevant departments of the City, with the intent to reduce GHG emissions and increase sustainable practices within the community and local governmental operations.
Short Term 45% Reduction 2030
Mid Term 75% Reduction 2040
Long Term Net-Zero 2050
Note: reduction is measured from 2019 study base year.

Workplan Phase 2 – Vulnerability Assessment & Adaptation Action Areas

Completing a comprehensive climate change Vulnerability Assessment will allow the City to designate Adaptation Action Areas (AAAs) to lay the groundwork for adaptation planning.

  • Status: a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has been awarded to fund this project. The agreement is in the works with project completion expected by fall of 2022.

Workplan Phase 3 – Sustainability Project Portfolio & Implementation Plan

View the Sustainability Project Portfolio & Implementation Plan

This strategy includes several project recommendations derived from benchmarking and collaboration with City staff that will be developed and implemented as part of a portfolio of sustainability projects.

  • Status: Completed Summer of 2022 (Funded via Florida Department of Economic Opportunity grant)
  • Primary Outcome: The report provides a summary of benefits of the various projects such as their contributions to the City’s emissions goals as well as a cost/benefit analysis of each proposed project.
  • Next Steps: The report includes a project implementation plan. Projects will be undertaken by staff as directed in the implementation plan.

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How can you participate?

For questions or comments, contact the Sustainability Coordinator Max Wemyss at 954-786-4671 or by email at Be sure to subscribe to the City of Pompano Beach Newsletter for regular updates on progress in Pompano Beach including the Sustainability Program. Sign up for email notifications here!