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Job Placement Center

Job Placement Center


  • Business and Workforce Initiatives that help small businesses grow and create jobs


  • Support sustainable increases in the productivity of individuals, businesses and resources to increase the overall well-being of the community.

Services for Job Seekers

  • Information and links to community services, programs and opportunities
  • Workshops to develop and enhance employability skills
  • Job Fairs

Services for Employers Seeking Job Candidates

  • Recruitment of potential candidates
  • Job Descriptions written
  • Job Announcement slide produced for Community TV
  • Resumes and completed applications sent for preview
  • No Cost for any of the above services!

Job Placement Center Contact

Dahlia Baker, Business and Workforce Initiatives Consultant
Telephone: 954-786-7866

Train to Gain

The City of Pompano Beach has a number of programs available to assist employers and job seekers. In addition to job fairs and workshops, we have also created partnerships with local colleges & universities to both reskill & upskill the workforce in Pompano Beach.

Learn more about some of these programs & workshops here:

Certificate from FAU

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Workforce Button

Job Fair

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