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Hurricane Parking Grace Period

Hurricane Parking Grace Period

The Pier Garage will be available for parking of passenger car vehicles, ¼ ton pickups, and other vehicle types as determined by the City Manager or his designee during a hurricane, major storm or hazardous weather conditions (the event) occurrence, as well as under a mandatory evacuation order under the following terms: during an event as stated above the garage management staff will remove the entry gates allowing vehicles to park in the garage during the weather event and 24 hours after the event has passed. Only after the gates have been removed will parking be offered at no charge.

Residents, non-residents and businesses of the City may utilize the garage for parking on floors two through four in a marked parking space only for the storage of their vehicle during the period of a hurricane, major storm or hazardous weather condition, including one-day before and one-day following the event.

There will be no charge during the time the garage is utilized for parking. However, signs will be posted that declare that parking is at the owner’s risk, that access may be limited to the vehicle, post event, because of storm debris or flooding for entering or exiting the garage, and that the City is not liable for any damages from theft, vandalism, storms, wind, flying debris or acts of God.

Any vehicle left in the garage after the gate has been installed and after the time frame for free parking may be cited if no payment is made for the parking before or after the hurricane parking grace period. For parking, the vehicle must pay for the period of time before and after the hurricane parking grace period.

The City Manager may evaluate hazardous weather conditions and make decisions to extend the hurricane parking grace period, close the garage, or make other decisions in the interest of the health and welfare of persons affected by the weather conditions as well as in the interest of protecting the property.

Please note that any vehicle not parked in a designated marked parking area will be towed at the expense of the vehicle owner.