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SE 6th Terrace & SE 11th Avenue Bridge

Description: Replace existing outdated bridge with new bridge to improve the safety of the current traffic pattern.
Budget: $5.1 Million (subject to change)
Designer: Kimley Horn

1920 Wekiva Way

Suite 200

West Palm Beach, Florida 33411
Contractor: To be determined (based on winning bidder after design and permit has been completed)
Timeline: (timeline is an estimate and is subject to change)
September 2022 - May 2023 Re-Design of bridge documents
June 2023 – October, 2023 Permitting with required agencies
October 2023-October 2024 Bridge Construction Duration (potential to periodically open up to boat traffic only)
Current Project Status: Design/Construction Documents
Current Renderings/Sketches: None at this time
Approved Documents:
Project Update:

The Designer continues to work on updating the Construction Documents. The Designer is also looking into additional improvements that could help further improve the pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety. In the meantime, the City is exploring options for the additional funding needed for the construction of the bridge based on this new design and anticipated construction market conditions. Once the additional funding is in place, the project will move forward with construction. It is anticipated that by the time the re-design and the permit process has been completed, the funding will be available to begin construction.

The Designer will continue to work on all aspects of the plans for the bridge and coordinate with other outside agencies (FPL, City, ATT, Comcast, USCG, Etc.) on the logistics of the bridge construction. The bridge’s superstructure, pilings, approach slab, landscape, aesthetics and detour routes are being re-evaluated to ensure maximum height has been attained given the existing conditions and this new design. Please continue to access the City’s web site for any future updates.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q: Why is the city replacing this bridge?

A; Although the current bridge is structurally sound, the Florida Department of Transportation’s Bridge Management system has classified this bridge as “Functionally Obsolete”, which means it does not meet current design standards. As such, there are recommended safety improvements to address the horizontal geometry, apex of the bridge, pedestrian access and traffic site lines. The replacement bridge will improve these hazards, making it safer for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Q: Where can I obtain accurate information on the specific scope pertaining to the replacement of the SE 6 Terrace bridge?

A: All information project specific information can be found on the City’s web site and is updated monthly. Any information obtained outside of the web site and/or city resources may be inaccurate and should be verified by visiting the city’s website.

Q: Why can’t this bridge just be removed completely?

A: The SE 6th Terrace bridge is a critical infrastructure providing access for fire personnel, emergency rescue and police services. The removal of this bridge could significantly increase response times for these emergency services and compromise the health and safety of the public. In addition, traffic overload onto Cypress Rd. may occur. For instance, for those that reside south of the bridge, if they desired to travel north or east they would be forced to cut through the neighborhood streets to exit onto Cypress Rd.

Finally, without having the bridge, community ingress/egress flexibility and redundancy for our residents would be compromised – if an incident occurred along Cypress (construction activity, road closure, accident, etc.) it may prevent residents from being able to leave the area in the event of an emergency or non-emergency.

Q: Why can’t this bridge have the same waterway clearance as the neighboring SE 5th Ave. bridge?

A: While it would be ideal to have the SE 6th Terrace bridge raised to the same height as the SE 5th Ave bridge, there are several factors that prevent the SE 6th Terrace bridge from being raised to the same elevation as the SE 5th Ave bridge. These factors include: (1) geometry of the bridge, (2) length of the bridge, (3) utility shelf, (4) geometric constraints and (5) grade level terrain (see exhibit). As you can see, the site characteristics are not the same, therefore the same design principles cannot be applied to both bridges. Thus, the end result is having two bridges that have differing height elevations based on site conditions.

Q: Will the new bridge be higher than the existing bridge?

A: Yes. The new bridge design will have an increase of approximately +/-27” from the current bridge at the highest point of the structure or 10.9’ mean high water table (MHWT).

Q: Why are they raising the bridge only +/-27” (inches)?

A: Due to the fixed constraints of current conditions, i.e., horizontal alignment, driveways and existing road elevation on the north and south side of the bridge location, the maximum height the bridge can safely be raised without increasing safety hazards is +/-27” (inches).

Q: The determination letter provided by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as posted on the City’s web site indicates the replacement bridge will have a 10.4’ (feet) vertical clearance above mean high water. What is the definition of mean high water table?

A: The USCG defines the mean high water table as follows: “The average of all the high water heights observed over the National Tidal Datum Epoch. for stations with shorter series, comparison of simultaneous observations with a control tide station is made in order to derive the equivalent datum of the National Tidal Datum Epoch.” In summary, the mean high water table is the average high tide. The precise high tide is impacted by weather, tidal phase and SFWMD flood control structures upstream and varies accordingly.

Q: Will my boat fit under the new bridge?

A: Boats vary in size and height, please reference the “mean high water table” definition listed above to determine sufficient clearance height, with consideration given to tidal conditions.

Q: Will the replacement bridge increase or decrease my property value?

A: Typically, improvements to infrastructure in the affected area increase property value. More importantly, the replacement of SE 6th Terrace bridge will improve traffic flow, reduce existing safety hazards and enhance the appearance of the community.

Q: Will I have access to my home and/or the affected area while the bridge is under construction?

A: Access in and around the area will be limited, however there will be detour signs posted with alternate routes.

Q: When is the anticipated construction start date?

A: Fall of 2023 – pending permitting process

Site Work: All existing geotechnical and pavement information has been collected. No crews are scheduled to perform work near the bridge at this time.
Next Meeting: None Scheduled
Last Updated: December 6, 2022