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The City of Pompano Beach welcomes you to the OpenGov Budget Transparency Tool which allows you to understand, access and visualize the City’s historical data and the current annual budget.

Our goal is to enhance transparency and public engagement through this graphical platform. Taxpayers and other stakeholders can easily customize and download their reports, as well as compare data for up to eight years.

Access the City’s Financial Transparency Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do the residents and businesses get involved in the budget process?

    • The residents, businesses and visitors can access the budget through OpenGov that allows you to visualize the City’s annual budgets from FY2010 to present.
    • Accessing the budget book online on the City's website. Through this search the residents and business can review both the Operating and Line Item budget books.
    • The residents can also access our Strategic Plan Monthly and Annual Reports online.
    • The residents and businesses have the opportunity to attend and/or serve in approximately 28 different advisory board meetings.
    • Each year, residents, non-profit agencies and businesses have the opportunity to participate in the May and July budget workshops as well as in two Public Budget Hearings in September.
    • For any additional questions you can contact the Budget Office.
  2. How does the City of Pompano Beach fulfill its vision through the Strategic Plan?

    • The City of Pompano Beach fulfills its vision through the Strategic Plan by focusing on specific areas that reflect the City's mission and goals in regards to making Pompano a great place to live, to visit and to do business.

      The City of Pompano Beach's vision is to create a sense of family, the distinctive architecture, the broad range of amenities, the comparative safety of the community and the opportunity for employment in many diverse economic sectors will make it a draw for many people.

      The City of Pompano Beach's Strategic Plan has four target areas that will aid in achieving its vision:

      1. Great Places: This seeks to redevelop the city to have a distinguishing look and feel setting it apart from other cities.
      2. Superior Capacity (Infrastructure): Which seeks to ensure that the infrastructure needed for economic growth is on place.
      3. Quality and Affordable Services (Value): Which seeks to ensure that public services meet and exceed the community's expectations of quality.
      4. Confidence Building Government (Governance): Which focuses on three factors to increase the level of confidence in local government.

        • One factor is transparency which will allow the citizens to see their government at work.
        • The second factor is to maintain stability of policy in or to draw private investors to the City.
        • The third factor is the professionalism of the City staff to operate efficiently and effectively.
  3. What is the 5 Year Capital Improvement Plan?

    • The City of Pompano Beach’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a five year financial plan for funding the construction, acquisition and rehabilitation of the City’s facilities, infrastructure and equipment.

      Although the CIP covers five years, the CIP is prepared annually, previously approved projects are carried forward and their completion schedules adjusted accordingly. All capital projects budgeted for the next fiscal year can be found in the Five Year Capital Improvement Plan Section in the Operating Budget Book.

      Each capital improvement project includes several essential components that provide for sufficient information, such as: project number, project description, funding source; prior, current and projected expenditures, an illustrative picture or map and the linkage with the Strategic Plan performance objectives. The Five Year CIP and gets adopted every year by the City Commission along with the Annual Operating Budget.
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