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Atlantic Blvd/Dixie Hwy FAQ’s

1) Why are Dixie Highway and Atlantic Boulevard under construction?

We are creating a safer environment on Atlantic Boulevard and Dixie Highway and creating a signature entranceway to Pompano Beach and our new Downtown to attract economic development to the area.

After 20 years of planning, the City has issued a bid for the future development of the downtown area on the 60 acres of City/CRA owned land. Development would include new office, residential, retail, civic and other urban uses. The project is projected to stimulate over $750 million in economic impact, create jobs for the local community, and create a new tax base for the City, which in turn keeps taxes lower for current residents.

2) What is the public benefit of this project?

The number of accidents in this area is unacceptable. The intersection is currently a 12-lane blighted highway. It is the City’s responsibility to create a safer environment.

The section of Atlantic Boulevard between NW 6th Avenue and NE 7th Avenue had approximately 122 accidents in 2021. Using the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) accident and analysis procedures, this section of Atlantic Boulevard is considered a high crash location compared to other similar roadways in South Florida. Atlantic Boulevard has twice the number of accidents it should have and over 5 times the amount that FDOT considers acceptable. Therefore, there is currently a safety problem on this roadway. Accidents not only have potential for injuries and deaths, but also impedes vehicular flow, leading to traffic congestion. The proposed improvements of Atlantic Boulevard will improve safety along this high-accident roadway.

3) How long will it take?

This project will be administered in phases to minimize inconvenience to the public. The entire project completion is anticipated in 2025.

4) Are there alternate routes?

Yes, there are numerous alternate routes to avoid the intersection during construction. (Consult your GPS “in real time” for recommended routes).

5) What lane changes are occurring?

The project will include temporary lane closures during the various construction phases, which is not reflective of the final design.

Upon project completion:

  • Southbound Dixie Highway – No changes to the number of lanes
  • Northbound Dixie Highway – No changes to the number of lanes
  • Eastbound Atlantic Boulevard – No changes to the number of through lanes
  • Westbound Atlantic Blvd – A portion of one thru lane from Cypress Road to NW 6th Avenue will be removed. The westbound to southbound left turn lanes at Cypress Road and Dixie Highway will be extended an additional 72’ and 90’, respectively, resulting in fewer cars blocking the through lanes.

6) What about emergency vehicles getting stuck in traffic?

Emergency services were involved in the planning process. The City’s police and fire departments are aware of the construction and are utilizing alternative routes, as necessary.

7) How are you planning to accommodate for the increased traffic from all the new construction/new housing in the coming Downtown?

The future development of the Downtown was included in the analysis for the design of this plan. Proven urban design standards were followed. Multi-modal transportation is the future of progressive cities like Pompano Beach that is slated to have a commuter rail station, in addition to expanded multimodal micro transit (i.e. Circuit, Trolleys, etc.). Residents will be encouraged to take the commuter rail with on-demand service to/from the rail station when leaving city limits and when feasible.

8) How will you manage traffic through the neighborhoods and speeding?

Part of the research, analysis and planning process included a review of the neighborhood streets north and south of Atlantic Boulevard between Federal Highway and Dixie Highway. As part of those studies, strategies were identified to protect neighborhoods from traffic and potential traffic calming measures were adopted at a policy level. Permanent traffic calming measures are currently underway on NE 1st, 2nd, 3rd Streets and NE 5th Ave. Upon completion of the project, the need for additional neighborhood traffic calming measures will be evaluated and addressed, if necessary.

9) Once the project is finalized, will it add time to my commute?

The final optimized design will add approximately 2 minutes during rush hour, westbound on Atlantic Boulevard. All other times during the day, drivers may experience a :30 second addition to their travel time westbound. East bound traffic should not experience any additional travel time.

10) How are you going to achieve only this limited amount of time being added to my commute during rush hour?

  • The left turn lanes on westbound Atlantic Boulevard to go south on Cypress Rd, and to go south of Dixie Highway, were both lengthened to avoid blocking through traffic (72’ and 90’, respectively, resulting in fewer cars blocking the through lanes)
  • The timing of the traffic lights was optimized (and will continue to be optimized during the construction phases)
  • 1st Avenue (northbound and southbound) was reduced to right turns only onto Atlantic Boulevard
  • It is proven that when traffic slows down, travel distance between cars decreases resulting in more cars traveling through the intersection.

11) Were public meetings held to discuss this project?

Yes. Since June 2018, there were over 20 public meetings held to discuss this project.

12) Will I get a ticket if I block an intersection within the construction zone?

Yes! The same traffic rules apply in a construction zone and if you block an intersection, you may get a ticket. The fine for blocking an intersection is $165. When a driver enters an intersection and is unable to travel all the way through, they prevent cross traffic movement, and endanger other travelers by blocking crosswalks and bike lanes. Blocking the intersection is unsafe, illegal and causes traffic congestion.