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City Manager's Office

City Manager's Office

The City Manager's Office is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City and overall administration of all city departments. This includes managing the financial, facility, and equipment assets of the City, as well as, setting the necessary administrative policies to carry out the activities of the City. The City Manager's Office is also responsible for recommending the annual operating budget and setting the policies in the areas of budgeting and finance.

Additional key areas of responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the City Commission in initiating, reviewing, and implementing ordinances, policies, and programs that are responsive to the needs of the community.
  • Developing and maintaining positive community relations and addressing community problems and concerns brought to the attention of the City.
  • Promoting and representing the City at the local, state, and national level while representing the interests of the City.
  • Implementing regional programs designed to promote the image of the City Pompano Beach in cooperation with other official organizations and groups, as well as, acting as the intergovernmental liaison in negotiations on the City's behalf.

Recommendations for Pompano Beach Homeless Services

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City Manager: Greg Harrison

Greg Harrison is the City Manager of the City of Pompano Beach, Florida, a position he has held since February 2017. He is assisted by a team of professional and diverse public administrators and is appointed by the Mayor and five City Commissioners - in a traditional Commission-Manager form of government. As the City's chief administrator, he is committed to providing a financially strong, sustainable, responsive and efficient city government for our residents, businesses and visitors.

City Manager - Greg Harrison
City Manager's Office Contacts
City Manager's Office Phone Number - 954.786.4601
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