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Sound Panel Project: Senior Activity Center

Senior Activity Center | 2005 NW 9th St
Feb 02 - Jul 01 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The City of Pompano Beach commissioned a team of artists to design four artistic acoustic sound panels to be located at the new Senior Activity Center, 2005 NW 9th Street, Pompano Beach. The selected artists, Manzi Liu and Gregory Dirr, will be hosting community engagement activities to serve as inspiration in designing the acoustic sound panels. They will also be documenting the development of the project through photography, writing, and video. Throughout the program, the community engagement activities will help the artist(s) interact and form relationships with the senior citizens of the Pompano Beach.


Manzi Liu

Manzi Liu brings an international flair to her paintings having studied and practiced art in her native China, and later in France and the US. Fascinated with Asian culture, ancient mythology, and her inner world of dreams and memories, her paintings often incorporate these themes and blend styles of Surrealism and Expressionism.

Gregory Dirr

Gregory Dirr is an interdisciplinary visual artist, compulsively creating work that draws inspiration from fairy tales and the natural environment. Known for his whimsical yet classical paintings and murals, Dirr is often commissioned to create works for the public and private realms. Constantly exploring new ways to create, he is passionate about experimenting with new materials and processes.


Events will be held at the Senior Activity Center | 2005 NW 9th St

    February 2 | 11am-1pm
    Get to know the team of Artists and learn more about what is to come for this project. Explore the diversity of Pompano Beach and enjoy local cuisine provided at the potluck. SPONSORED BY: South Bar & Kitchen, The Rabbit Hole & Sunrice
    March 7 | 11am-1pm
    Create your own art with Manzi & Gregory! This demonstration will show step-by-step simple printmaking techniques.
    April 4 | 11am-1pm
    Learn from an array of non-profit organizations like 4Ocean, Gumbo Limbo, and the Pompano Beach Historical Society.
    May 2 | 11am-1pm
    Seniors are invited to put their art work on display in this formal exhibition! Enjoy live written word and musical performances.
    June 6 | 11am-2pm
    Pay homage to the Jazz greats that have a connection with Pompano Beach! Join us for an entertaining night of live music and dance lessons.

Funding for this project is provided in part through a grant from the Community Foundation of Broward whose mission is to transform Broward through focused leadership that fosters collaboration, builds endowment, advances equity and connects people who care to causes that matter.

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Sound Panel Project: Senior Activity Center