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Exploring Color Theory with Oil Paints: May - August

Bailey Contemporary Arts Center
Jun 22 | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm | $30

Every 2nd & 4th Saturday starting May 11th through August 10th 2024.

BaCA Artist in Resident Oscar Montoya will be teaching color theory classes designed for both beginners and intermediate artists.

This seven class course art class is designed for both beginners and intermediate artists who want to master the world of color through oil painting. The course will delve into the fundamental principles of color theory and its application in oil painting. Students will learn how to mix, blend, and use colors effectively to create visually stunning artwork with a focus on color values, hue, intensity, and the creation of a monochromatic value.

  • Class 1 Monochromatic Value Scale

May 11: Instructor displays monochromatic value scales in different colors. Students create their own monochromatic value scales, choosing a single color and mixing shades from light to dark on their canvases.

  • Class 2 Introduction to Color Theory

May 25: Instructor presents the color wheel, explaining the relationships between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Students create their own color wheels, labeling and mixing the colors to gain a practical understanding.

  • Class 3 Color Mixing Techniques

June 8: Instructor demonstrates how to create a smooth gradient from one color to another using blending and layering. Students practice creating gradients on small canvases, experimenting with different colors and transitions.

  • Class 4 Color Values, Hue and Intensity

June 22: Instructor shows a painting with strong value contrast, explaining how it impacts the artwork. Students choose a simple object and create two versions: one with high value contrast and one with low value contrast to observe the difference.

  • Class 5 Color Harmony

July 13: Instructor displays artworks featuring complementary and analogous color schemes and discusses the visual appeal of each. Students choose a subject and create two versions of the same painting, one using complementary colors and the other using analogous colors.

  • Class 6 Still Life & Landscape

July 27: Instructor presents a still life setup or landscape photo, highlighting the potential color harmonies and value scales. Students paint the provided subject, paying attention to applying the color theory principles learned in previous classes.

  • Class 7 Personal Projects

August 10: Instructor provides guidance on students’ personal projects, reviewing their concepts and offering suggestions. Students work on their chosen personal projects, integrating color theory knowledge into their artwork.

Exploring Color Theory with Oil Paints: May - August