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Drawing Human Anatomy

Bailey Contemporary Arts Center
Jul 06 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm | $30

Every 1st Saturday of the month starting in April through March 2024.

Drawing Human Anatomy is a monthly 3-hour workshop series taught by 2022-2023 Artist in Residence(AiR) Leonardo Montoya. The class will help explore every aspect of drawing the human form, while understanding the harmony and mechanics of movement and expression. It is recommended to take various workshops to enhance the technique aspects of each lesson, though students have the option to take workshops independently, for each session is designed to work autonomously reviewing basic elements of drawing human anatomy.

Please Note:
Sessions vary from using dummies and/or a real life model. Adults. Intermediate to Advanced.

•Three or more “Introduction to Drawing and Art History” sessions are needed as pre-requisite or demonstration of basic drawing skill.

Upcoming Class Schedule:

  • Coming Soon
Drawing Human Anatomy