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Underwater camera option 2

Under the Sea!

Get ready to dive deep without getting wet! A brand new high-tech underwater camera has now opened a portal to the wonders below the ocean waves. This sophisticated high resolution underwater webcam is anchored 15 feet below the Fisher Family Pier and is beaming back live, high-definition video of fanciful fish and other colorful creatures. This real-time window offers a mesmerizing view into the hidden world under the sea, providing a truly captivating visual experience. Shipwreck Park, a not-for-profit Pompano Beach corporation, donated this high-resolution underwater webcam to the City of Pompano Beach in recognition of the City’s support of the Wahoo Bay project, located at the Roy L. Rogers Family Park at the Hillsboro inlet.

The camera will also rotate a full 360 degrees on its horizontal axis and 180 degrees on its vertical axis, and can zoom in and out on items of interest, allowing views of an abundant and diverse selection of sea life. During daylight hours, the camera will broadcast live streaming HD video and audio over the City’s website. Viewers will get an up-close encounter with many varieties of fish and other underwater creatures and, on occasion, come face-to-face with some of our oceans’ top predators.

“This installation further affirms our mission of raising awareness about the importance of protecting our natural reef systems and fragile coastal shorelines,” said Rob Wyre, Shipwreck Park Chair. “This incredible viewing opportunity will further spotlight the importance of protecting our reef and coastal resources, for both current and future generations.”

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