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The Fishing Village Keeps Reeling Them In!

The Pompano Beach Fishing Village recently announced their latest catch—a new coffee house. How You Brewin will be located on the ground floor of the Pier Parking Garage. Thanks to the dynamic opportunities and smart growth strategies in Pompano Beach, an exciting array of new retailers and restaurateurs are seeking success in our City. Today, we are going to learn more about the eagerly anticipated coffee company.

The buzz about our robust economic development led Dan and Lori Malay to expand their coffee house concept. Founded in 2004, How You Brewin is a Long Beach Island-based coffee company with locations in Surf City and Barnegat Light. The Malays were inspired to create a welcoming space for communities, where coffee is the connector.

“We place a heavy emphasis on curating our environment as if it were an extension of your living room,” said Dan Malay, who was born and raised in New Jersey, but attended Palm Beach Atlantic College.

After the success of their concept in New Jersey the couple talked about expanding to South Florida and partnering with long-time friends and Pompano Beach residents Tyler and Kelsey Jones.

“We started looking at different locations and just stumbled across the Fishing Village,” Dan shared. “As soon as we pulled up, Lori and I just looked at each other, we did not know this area was here!”

The incredible development of Pompano Beach really took the couple by surprise. Having lived in Coconut Creek in the early 2000s, they never would have imagined this area as a possible location for their business, but after a scouting trip, they were amazed by the progress. “Pompano now has everything!” exclaimed Dan.

The couple loved the Fishing Village and its proximity to the beach, which matched the vibe of their New Jersey coffee houses. The couple did their share of reconnaissance and visited during both popular and off-time hours, and to their surprise, the area was always bustling with energy! Dining and drinking at the local restaurants, they chatted with the bartenders to get their input about adding a coffee house to the Village, and everyone embraced the idea.

The landlord, however, was a little surprised when the Malay’s requested 3,000 square feet of space, as something that large is atypical for a coffeehouse, but for the How You Brewin team, it’s the perfect size.

“In our experience, most people have three places they go---home, work/school, and their spot where they hangout, relax and be with friends. We want to earn the right to be that 3rd place for you!”

With Malays still busy running their northern locations, they are thrilled that their friends, who have a strong hospitality background will be orchestrating the day-to-day.

“We are so excited for this opportunity,” said Kelsey Jones. “We are a young family living in the Lion’s Park neighborhood, and this venture is the perfect way to for us to connect with the community.”

For the couple, who purchased their home in 2013, the transformation of the beachfront is something they marvel at all the time, and now thanks to this new opportunity, they are thrilled to create even deeper roots in the City.

“I take pride in Pompano Beach,” said Kelsey with joy. “And this coffee house is our little piece of Pompano that we get to invest in!”

How You Brewin will offer an expansive menu of coffee house beverages, including their very popular flavored coffees. And the shop’s signature cold brew will receive the star treatment, as the creative process will be visible to the patrons, providing the space with a little bit of a microbrewery atmosphere. In addition, the shop will offer breakfast and lunch options, along with a delicious assortment of pastries and desserts. The coffee house will feature indoor and outdoor seating and is anticipating an early 2023 opening.

Stay tuned, because in next month’s newsletter, we will do a deep dive on another exciting venture sailing into the Fishing Village!

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