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Low Lights are the Law: Let’s Protect the Turtles

March 1st marks the exciting return of sea turtle nesting season! Across our sandy beaches, female turtles will emerge from the ocean to laboriously dig their nests and deposit precious clutches of eggs before returning to the sea under the cover of darkness. This annual spectacle unfolds between March 1st and October 31st, reminding us of the resilience and wonder of these prehistoric creatures.

Artificial lights disorient hatchlings, so keeping our beaches dark is crucial. Filling in sand holes and removing obstacles allows them to navigate towards the ocean more safely. By practicing responsible beach behavior, we become guardians of this natural miracle, ensuring future generations can marvel at the magic of turtle nesting season.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection establishes guidelines for local government regulations which control beachfront lighting to protect hatching sea turtles. The City of Pompano Beach must follow those rules. And residents along the shore are reminded by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to keep light fixtures low, use only long wavelength lights, and keep fixtures/bulbs shielded. Learn more at

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