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Municipal Charter School

General Information

In February 2020, the City of Pompano Beach submitted a Charter School Application to the Broward County Public School District to allow the City to open and operate a K-8 Charter School. The focus/theme of the proposed Pompano Beach Municipal Charter School (the “PBMCS”) will be informed by research and successful practices to establish a high performing municipal charter school that offers students and families an additional tuition free public school option to inspire students to love learning, help them discover new abilities, ensure each child is reading at grade level by grade and ultimately provide them with the skills they need for life and achievement at all levels. The overarching objectives of the PBMCS, as established by the City Commission, include:

  • Enabling parental choice by providing a prime quality and high performing school to meet the unique needs of Pompano Beach Residents;
  • Providing an alternative to costly private schools for Pompano Beach residents, saving substantial money by not paying for expensive tuition;
  • Mitigating the educational impact created by planned new residential units; and
  • Equipping the City to attract companies offering significant salaries to its workers who have school age children and want an extraordinary and unique educational opportunity for their children, thereby expanding the City’s tax base. Also, creating more potential jobs for Pompano residents.

The PBMCS will utilize an extremely rigorous curriculum that will grow excellence within the City’s youth. The PBMCS will start with intense achievement at lower grades and continue at an appropriate pace to a K-s program. Throughout attending PBMCS students would be striving to secure an “A” rating at all levels on the State of Florida School Ranking System. The PBMCS approach will be to grow excellence on a solid foundation. This will be accomplished by adhering to the following schedule whereby the student enrollment breakdown by year will be as follows:

Year 1 (2024-2025 school year) Start with Grades K, 1, 2 and 6 up to 380 students

Year 2 (2025-2026 school year) Add Grades 3 and 7 up to 580 students

Year 3 (2026-2027 school year) Add Grades 4 and 8 up to 800 students

Year 4 (2027-2028 school year) Add Grade 5 up to 910 students

On July 21, 2020, the Broward County Public School District approved the City’s Charter School Application. The City statutorily has up to three (3) years from its Application approval operational year to open its Charter School. Given the impacts of Covid-19 and the planning required to establish a Charter School, the City plans to open its Charter School for the 2024-2025 school year. Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions link for additional information of the PBMCS.