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Linking Strands Exhibition

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Jan 14 - Mar 30
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Linking Strands is an exhibition that brings together talented artists of the visual arts, who integrate textile art into their production not only strands of natural, artificial or synthetic origin, but also recreating them through other materials such as clay.

The so-called "needlework", sewing or embroidery - art closely linked to the domestic space and to the time of women, has transgressed the limits of the home by betting on cultural spaces, which have won with solid conceptual proposals, enriching the visual arts on contemporary art.

Linking Strands proposes to expose female artistic creativity through unique pieces of high aesthetic and conceptual value, which supersedes the utilitarian and decorative artisanal object of textile art to elevate it to the modern language of the visual arts without detaching it from the imagery of the hands of the woman.