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Odd Breed Wild Ales

Odd Breed Wild Ales

Brief Description

Odd Breed Wild Ales (“Odd Breed”) is one of only a handful of breweries in the United States focusing exclusively on producing wild ales that are fermented and aged in oak. Founded by professionally trained brewmaster Matt Manthe and local restaurateur Daniel Naumko, Odd Breed occupies a recently renovated building in the heart of Old Town that is subleased from the CRA. Located in 2500 sq ft. of space, Odd Breed offers a varied selection of wild ales on tap, and serves small plates of locally sourced products.

Public Benefits

  • New retail space increasing the real estate value in Old Town
  • A new place for residents and visitors to patronize
  • Local entrepreneurs slowly reinvigorating the largely vacant Old Town area
  • Local jobs and a community gathering space

How it Happened

  • The CRA leased a building from a local businessman at a reduced rental rate.
  • Trying to encourage and stimulate new retail in Old Town, the CRA used the reduced rental rates to attract new tenants.
  • Ongoing marketing and a monthly “Old Town Untapped” event was held to show the community what the area could look like if activated with retail.
  • Thousands of people attend Untapped and the owners of Odd Breed were present and saw the vision for the area.
  • A sublease package was prepared and approved by the CRA Board and staff assisted in the permitting and buildout process.