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Civic Campus Phase I - Public Library/Cultural Center

Cultural Center

Brief Description

Phase I of the Civic Campus project consisted of the construction of a new two-story 46,000 sq. ft. county library and a City owned Cultural Center including green space. The building is located at the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and SW 1st Avenue, adjacent to the Pompano Beach City Hall. The Public Library component features children’s services, new materials collection, computer lab, multi-purpose room, and library offices / support spaces. The Cultural Center component features a public lobby, digital media suite, offices, gallery, and a flexible multi-purpose event space and support spaces (dressing rooms, lobby space, etc.). The project was completed in April 2017.

City / CRA Investment

  • $67,500 CRA funds for a cultural facility study to analyze the feasibility of a cultural venue on top of the library
  • $737,000 of CRA funds for the preliminary design for the center
  • $1.19 million in CRA funds for infrastructure around the Cultural Center
  • $19.25 million of City funds for design and construction of the Cultural Center

Public Benefits

  • The first all-purpose state of the art cultural facility open to residents and visitors
  • Access to multi-cultural programs and activities for the residents
  • A new brand for Pompano Beach that catapulted the City into the national spotlight with the iconic design
  • Provided the City with a stellar amenity for improved quality of life for residents

How it Happened

  • The CRA encouraged the City to embrace culture as a redevelopment strategy because cities with a strong cultural presence are healthier economically
  • The County had long since planned a library but the project was stagnant. RMA assumed management of the project and through the CRA hired William Webb & Associates to determine the feasibility of a Cultural Center.
  • An agreement was negotiated between the CRA, the City and Broward County to fund the new Public Library and Cultural Center, including infrastructure improvements.
  • On October 30, 2014, a groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated with a Grand Opening celebration on May 11, 2017.