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Water State Art Exhibition

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Aug 09 - Sep 07

This exhibition will showcase a variety of Alejandra Abad's previous works along with her latest project, "Water State," which was supported by an Artist Support Regional Grant from the Broward County Cultural Division. "Water State" is an experimental animation project that celebrates Florida as a safe haven for plants, animals, and people. Abad's unique technique involves blending analog and digital processes to convert drawings into moving collages. The animation aims to link the vibrant natural world of the Everglades with urban areas through outdoor screenings.

The Artist Support Regional Grant - Short Project Summary outlines Alejandra's plan to create a short animated collage that celebrates Florida's unique role as a sanctuary for various life forms. She intends to showcase this animation outdoors, bringing the beauty of the Everglades to venues like the Pompano Cultural Center and other locations throughout Broward County.

Alejandra also plans to gather stories from Broward County residents, incorporating their refuge memories into her animation. She will host workshops during the summer to encourage the community to share their experiences of seeking refuge in Florida. The collected stories will be woven into her animated projections, transforming spaces such as the Pompano Cultural Center and the Coral Springs Art Museum into immersive environments that reflect themes of belonging and home.

Exhibition Events

  • Opening Reception and Artist Talk will be held on August 9 at 6 PM, click here to register.

Alejandra will discuss her artistic practice and gather memories of home and belonging from the audience.

  • Special activation will be held on September 6, 2024, at 8 PM.

These collected memories will play a crucial role in bringing a unique, community-driven experience to the Pompano Beach Cultural Center.

About the Artist

Alejandra Abad is an interdisciplinary visual artist and educator from Caracas, Venezuela. She focuses on exploring belonging and mutual compassion as essential components of collective wellness. Abad combines analog and digital processes to investigate belonging and agency, creating reimagined environments through layering, abstraction, and light. Her artistic style is influenced by her studies in architecture at Florida Atlantic University, and in Film/Video/New Media/Animation at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Interdisciplinary Media Art Practices at The University of Colorado.

One of her recent works is a large-scale audiovisual installation called Lexicon de Plantas, which involves transforming drawings into animations projected onto paper sculptures. Additionally, her solo exhibition at The Frank Gallery in Pembroke Pines delves into the intricacies of memory, migration, and belonging. Another notable installation, The Drying West, was featured in a downtown Denver experimental space called Understudy, highlighting the impact of water diversion and shortages on the endangerment of species in Colorado.

Furthermore, Abad's work Un País Olvidado: Reliquias de Vigencia/Forgotten Country: Relics of Agency has been exhibited at the University of Colorado Art Museum, Arbor Institute, and CU Experience Galleries during the Biennial of the Americas Cities Summit. This multimedia piece provides a space for reflection and delves into oral histories from the Venezuelan exodus.

This exhibition has been funded by the Broward County Cultural Division of Florida.
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