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Lunch with Art – Poetry Edition (Virtual)

Virtual Event
Sep 01 | 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm | Free
Lunch with Art – Poetry Edition (Virtual)

Due to the COVID-19 numbers, the City of Pompano Beach requests that you wear a mask while you are attending this event.

Take a break from your day, bring your lunch and unleash your creativity. As you eat your lunch, enjoy a unique cultural experience that turns us all into poets. Each month, create, listen or watch different poems designed to spark the artist in you. Each workshop encourages you to step out of the mundane and explore your potential and escape from the daily stresses of life while remembering how beauty can be found in even the simplest of words. Guests are invited to bring their lunch, and a friend and come create a memorable piece of art.

Take a moment and view our Past Virtual Programs

Lunch with Art - Poetry - March 2021

Lunch with Art Poetry Edition celebrates some of the incredible women who have contributed to our history and our future with this poem by Eccentrich.

Lunch with Art - Poetry - February 2021

This month we celebrate the future of black poets during our Lunch with Art Poetry Series! We are excited to introduce you to poets who performed at the Jason Taylor Foundation Louder Than A Bomb competition!

Kevin Coval, Co-Founder of Louder Than A Bomb said, "We feel that what young people have to say about the world they inhabit and hope to construct is more useful than any armament, more complex than prison industrial systems, and louder than any bomb.”
We hope you learn as much from these young people as we certainly have!

Please note, some of the themes covered in these poems include sensitive content that is intended for a mature audience.

Lunch with Art - Poetry - December 2020

Today the award-winning poet Sharonda Eccentrich Richardson has a special treat for you as we wrap up our 2020 Lunch with Art Poetry Edition. Take less than 10 minutes out of your day to listen in and be inspired!

Lunch with Art - Poetry - November 2020

This month one of our Cultural Arts Consultants, Sharonda Eccentrich Richardson, introduces you to the 6 word poem. Take a moment to pause and enjoy a Lunch with Art where you can be inspired, invigorated, and learn something new!

Lunch with Art - Poetry - October 2020

Today, we explore the Acrostic Poem.

Lunch with Art - Poetry - August 2020

You can do this poetry exercise with kids, friends, or even on your own...the only thing we ask is that you share the fun with us! Take a photo or video of your poems and tag us at #PompanoBeachArts!

Lunch with Art - Poetry - July 2020

This short exercise is the perfect brain break for a Thursday afternoon! This month, in honor of Independence Day & holiday BBQs we have a special word association just for you! We'd love to see your results! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #PompanoBeachArtsPoetrySHOW LESS

Lunch with Art - Poetry - June 2020

Lunch with Art: Virtual Poetry Edition Black Music Month