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Montage – A Virtual Film Series

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
May 26 | 7:00 pm | FREE
Montage – A Virtual Film Series

Tune in each month for curated indie films followed by an insightful conversation with the filmmaker. Montage is an exciting program that unites aspiring filmmakers, industry professionals, film lovers, and the general public are invited to participate in candid discussions intended to build a community of support for emerging filmmakers.

Montage is curated and hosted by Cathleen Dean of Black Cat Media


May 26

Title: Manasanamaha

Director: Deepak Reddy

Synopsis: A young man muses on the nature of love, recounting his three relationships… backward. He reminisces not from start to finish but the other way round, making the audience, surprisingly, look forward to the happy beginnings. This short, romantic, reverse film conveys an important message that people focus on negative outcomes instead of the happy times they experience in every journey.