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Modern Quilt Exhibition

Bailey Contemporary Arts Center
Apr 01 - Jun 16
Modern Quilt Exhibition

The exhibition, curated by Kristin Beck, addresses the modern approach of makers that employ negative space, saturated colors, non-traditional block work outside of a traditional quilt grid. This modern approach allows for opportunities to produce work that reference social justice and diversity issues within sewing textiles together with thread and needle. In short, the quilts are graphic, bold, and improvisational. They are statement makers. They are rule breakers. They are storytellers. They are utilitarian works of art.

Pieces exhibited of the following artists:

Brigit Dermott, Carole Lyles Shaw, Heidi Parkes, Jacquie Gering, Kelly Spell, Linda Hungerford, Sarah Cain, Sarah Lefebvre, Valerie Goodwin, Barbara Garvine, Charlotte Noll, Cheri Ucci,Deborah Krajkowski, Diane Paquin Provost, Nicole Kaplan, Patricia Auten and Sherry Pasquariello

May 7, 10am: My Journey to Modern Quilting, with Carole Lyles Shaw (Virtual Artist Talk) SET REMINDER

This lecture and trunk show is the story of my love of modern quilting—starting with modern quilts that I made in the early 2000s. There will be lots of time for questions and answers. In addition to the lecture (slides), I also show some of my quilts ‘in person’ on my design wall and table.

Lecture topics include artistic and quilter influences on my modern quilts, early explorations of high contrast and minimalist palettes, mid-century modern design influences, Maximalism, AfroModerne quilts – cultural heritage and modernism, The Future of Modern Quilting — From Where I Stand

About the Presenter

Carole Lyles Shaw is a quilt designer, author, teacher, and lecturer. She started quilting many years ago for her wonderful nieces and nephews. She has always taken a modern, improvisational approach to making quilts for the beds of her family and friends, sometimes incorporating her own hand-printed fabrics in their quilts. Many of her art quilts and modern quilts have been published in books and exhibited in shows in the US and internationally. Today, Carole’s focus is on designing modern quilts and expanding awareness of the wonderful world of modern quilting. She cofounded

the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild in Florida and has also served as a Board Member of The Modern Quilt Guild. Carole lectures and leads fun, interactive workshops on modern quilting techniques for beginning and experienced quilters of all types and interests. Traditional quilters especially enjoy her painless introduction to modern quilting. Modern quilters love her patterns and workshops because they find ways to customize and improvise to make each quilt uniquely their own.

May 12, 6:30pm: Poems about Patchwork, with MJ Fievre, FREE

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Through Ekphrastic poetry, MJ Fievre will respond to the Modern Quilt Exhibition at the Bailey Contemporary Arts Center. Embracing the themes of comfort, heritage, family, and traditions, MJ will write three poems exploring the idea of sewing as an act of repair or preservation, using for inspiration the works of artists like Carole Lyles Shaw and Valerie Goodwin. One of the poems will focus on a specific type of quilt block and dig into its connection to the underground railroad. On May 12, MJ will share a series of poems commemorating the fascinating stories behind African American quilts.

About the Presenter

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, M.J. Fievre moved to the United States in 2002. She is the author of “Happy, Okay? Poems about Anxiety, Depression, Hope, and Survival” and the writer behind the Badass Black Girl series. She helps others write their way through trauma, build community and create social change. She works with veterans, disenfranchised youth, cancer patients and survivors, victims of domestic and sexual violence, minorities, the elderly, those with chronic illness or going through transition and any underserved population in need of writing as a form of therapy—even if they don’t realize that they need writing or therapy. M.J. currently writes from Winter Garden, FL.

May 19, 7pm: Modern Quilt Curator’s Talk, with Kristin Beck, FREE

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Join Kristin Beck, guest curator for Modern Quilt Exhibit, and tour the quilts from local and national artists. Explore the technical mastery, design choices, and historical meanings behind the quilts and learn more about modern quilts.

About the Presenter

A multidisciplinary artist, Kristin Beck’s work is influenced by the vibrant culture of her native South Florida. Her use of bold colors, recurring patterns, and strong lines reflect its energy. Sharing her love of craft, design, and construct—as a curator or instructor—allows Beck to forge a deeper connection to art and others the ability to express themselves creatively.