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Make the Leap

Pompano Beach Cultural Center
Sep 23 | 7:30 pm | FREE

Based on his award-winning 48 hour film The Leap, which has a time travel theme, this event features singers, poets and visual artists who played the game of "telephone" and are coming up with various interpretations of Davis' work.

This thrilling and thought-provoking evening of art in multiple incarnations also invites audience participation. The central concept of this project could be summed up as "telephone” for artists. Artists receive a work from a medium different than their own and then create something new inspired by that work. The project begins with Timothy Mark Davis's award-winning short film called The Leap, and continues with the contributions of poets, songwriters, visual artists, and also invites members of the audience to create their own art.

Writer and director Davis’ The Leap, which won Best Film from Screenhouse Miami 2023, and Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress from 48 Hour Film Project 2021 takes a deep dive into a world in which humanity has just come to learn that they can time travel through a psychologically induced process. The artists inspired by the film’s intriguing premise include poets Darius Daughtry, Ilana Jael, and Sharonda “Eccentrich” Richardson, visual artists Louiveste La Croix (“Loui V"), Manzi Liu and Leonardo Montoya, and songwriters Inez Barlatier, Alex Joyel and Patrick Monty.

All ten creations will be presented live as a mosaic of artistic creations, each one distinct, but still interacting with one another because of the shared source material. The event will explore how inspiration works across disciplines with the final involvement piece supplied by the audience. Audience members will be given space and materials to create their own works of art with pencils and paper to draw or write a poem/short story of their own, playdough to sculpt something, and post-it notes to write their thoughts and feelings on and share on a public reaction board.

Small bites, desserts, and drinks will also be served at a post-show reception where audience members will have a chance to create their own works of art inspired by the evening.

Made possible with support from the Broward County Cultural Division.

Check out the film trailer below:

About the Artists:

Ilana Jael

Ilana Jael earned her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Sarah Lawrence College and a BA in Writing and Psychology from Florida Atlantic University’s Wilkes Honors College. Her short plays and one-acts have been produced in-person and virtually in the Florida area by companies New City Players, Theatre Lab, Thinking Cap Theatre, Bob Carter’s Actor’s Workshop among others. She is currently a content creator for Miami’s Area Stage Company as well as a company and board member with New City Players. Additionally, she has served as lead critic and a frequent feature writer for the virtual publication South Florida Theater Magazine since the site’s inception in May of 2021.

Sharonda Richardson

Born and raised in Pompano Beach Fl. she has been in the cultural arts industry for 12 years. Her earliest work is her founding and hosting Cuisines & Poetry, in Pompano Beach, FL. She proudly hosts shows from poetry, to fashion shows, workshops & more throughout the country. As a poet, she has graced the stages of over 250 venues from Florida to the US Virgin Islands; where she also completed a 2-week residency in St.Croix in 2022. Eccentrich ranked as the 9th female poet in the world according to her placement during the Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2017.

Manzi Liu (Man Zi Liu)

Manzi Liu is a multi-medium visual artist based in South Florida, originally from China. She studied Art Design at South China Agriculture University, Studio Art at Ecole Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in France, and completed a BFA in Studio Art - Painting at Florida Atlantic University. Her work has been featured in many exhibitions, such as Bailey Contemporary Art Gallery, Ritter Gallery, Ali Cultural Arts Gallery, Broward Center, and Unilatina International University, among others.

Leonardo Montoya

Leonardo Montoya was born in Medellin Colombia in 1972. Since his childhood, he expressed a deep interest in art and the human figure. At the age of 11, he began his formal studies of drawing and painting. He entered the Eladio Vélez School of Fine Art in 1985, learning different art techniques. Leonardo graduated Valedictorian of his High School class of 1990 and a year later, he had his first art exhibition in Medellin, Colombia. In 1992 he won his first mural commission at the Cinema Las Américas in Medellin, which is still on exhibit today.

Alex Joyel

Alex Joyel is as local musician, actor and digital marketing agency owner. Although having worked as a musician for various small events or church services Alex has not embarked on any creative musical endeavors until this year. So far he’s joined a band called the barefoot mailmen who play in pompano currently. He also write and live performed the music for the New City Players show Little Montgomery.

Louiveste La Croix

Louiveste La Croix is a Haitian born free-lance artist based in South Florida. Louiveste artwork explores a series of multi-media artwork that illustrated visual imprints, gestural figures, abstract color schemes that draws you in subconsciously. Each piece of work implements a nostalgic illustrations which resonate from pure expression. Louiveste utilizes art to convey life messages some people may be unaware of, taking natural things to highlight spiritual awareness, unity, and consciousness" as a reflective knowledge tracing back to historical roots to bring forth conscious evolution.

Darius V. Daughtry

Darius V. Daughtry is a poet, playwright, director, and educator. He is the Founder and Executive Artistic Director of Art Prevails Project, a performing and literary arts organization cultivating community and creating equitable access to the arts through performance, arts education, and community engagement. His series of multidisciplinary performance projects, The Happening: A Theatrical Mixtape, Volumes 1-4 explore the intersectionality of society issues and have been presented at Broward Center for the Performing Arts and the African American Research Library and Cultural Center.

Megan DeGraaf

Megan DeGraaf is a South Florida local. After working in the restaurant industry, having held various positions from server to manager, she transitioned to catering private events in her free time. When she is not in the kitchen, she serves as a business manager for the New City Players and the purchasing and procurement specialist for a local non-profit, where she has been able to apply her organizational and creative skills in a new setting.

Inez Barlatier

Inez Barlatier is an international touring musician, actress and teaching artist of Ayisyen (Haitian) descent. Songwriting and performing since the age of 10 years old, she produces memorable and dynamic experiences. Inez’s work has been featured in television, radio, news publications, independent films and notable performance conferences. Her most cherished project is an interactive children’s show entitled Ayiti: Stories & Songs from Haiti, co-produced by Dandelion Artists.

Timothy Mark Davis

Timothy Mark Davis is an independent filmmaker based in South Florida. Most recently he produced the short films Konpa, which will play in competition at the 2023 Tribeca Festival, and La Vie which premiered at the 2023 Miami Film Festival. In 2021 he wrote and directed the short film The Leap for the 48 Hour Film Project which garnered awards for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress.

Patrick Montanari

Patrick Montanari, known as Monty, is a multi-faceted musician, producer, and composer who shines in the music industry with his unique blend of talents. Renowned for his virtuosity with the saxophone—a standout feature of his performances—he is also adept with keyboards, wind instruments, and vocals. From Florida to California, his captivating performances have lit up the stages of prestigious events such as South Florida's SunFest and the Riptide Music Festivals.

Make the Leap